THUMB ON THE SCALE: Dyster Tells DPW Employees to Not Remove Piccirillo Signs

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A Seth Piccirillo for Mayor yard sign on city property with a City DPW truck parked next to it.

By: Frank Parlato

There is no secret who Mayor Paul Dyster prefers to continue his tax and spend policies in City Hall.

Dyster, who acted as the chief executive over the most wasteful use of over $200 Million, has made it clear who he favors to continue his legacy; Seth Piccirillo.

Yes, the same Seth Piccirillo whom the Mayor attempted to create a new job title for prior to his announcement so that he could run with no potential violation of the Hatch Act.

The same Seth Piccirillo whom the Mayor attempted to sweep under the rug a $1.8 Million budget transfer after certain Community Development funds could not be accounted for (see Gazette story of June 6, 2017 “Niagara Falls to ‘write off’ $1.8 million in Community Development Department transfers”).

The same Seth Piccirillo whom the Mayor championed in each and every State of the City Address since he was hired more than a handful of years ago. “It’s no secret that our energetic and creative CD director, Seth Piccirillo, has gained a reputation for being on the cutting edge,” said Mayor Paul Dyster during his 2015 State of the City Address. “The Department is very active on social media, and some people have even started referring to CD Director Piccirillo as ‘the Director of Cool.’”


Mayor Paul Dyster and current Mayoral Candidate Seth Piccirillo during Dyster’s most recent re-election campaign


You be the judge if taking $55,000  to pay college grads to live here (which failed), painting abandoned buildings in the city with colorful murals drawing more attention to the city’s decline, and painting fire hydrants as Dalmatians, rainbows, fairies, elves and dinosaurs is cool. Maybe you, like Mayor Dyster, think Seth deserves the title “Director of Cool,” too.

As if propping up Piccirillo over the years is not clear evidence enough of who he believes will carry on his legacy, in recent weeks Dyster has ordered DPW employees to not remove “Piccirillo for Mayor” yard signs that might be on city property.

As one DPW employee told the Niagara Reporter, “it was a subtle direction that our employees should not be seen interfering in the election.”

“It was clear he was referring to removing Seth’s signs,” said another employee in the room.

City Hall declined comment regarding the story.

Both DPW employees requested to remain anonymous fearing retribution.


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