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By J Gary DiLaura


The LAWS the President is enforcing are Federal Immigration laws (Title 8 Sec 1182f,1187a,12,2, et al) not HIS immigration policies! Someone please tell Rep Keith Ellison, D Minn, Rep Lewis, Sen. Charles Schumer and other ignorant “lawmakers”, to read the laws that they (Congress) passed years ago! Ellison is calling for people to overthrow the Presidents orders! Be careful Ellison, the FBI has arrested MANY Congressman over the years; you and that idiot Lewis don’t want to cross the line on what you tell people to do! Inciting to riot is a serious Federal offense and a real AG is coming!

Morons, I swear!

People who are supposed to protect us, don’t; our elected officiasl! How many times in the last year have you heard, “Donald Trump can’t stop Aliens from entering the US based upon religion…or based upon ethnic origin …or because of race, creed and color? It’s unconstitutional!?” How many times from MAIN STREAM MEDIA and how many times from lawmakers like that former Speaker of the House” Nancy Pelosi? How dumb can she possibly be? Obstructionist, ribbon cutting Schumer, is no better; his tears are as phony as him. He has no idea what we are up against, nor does he care. Apparently, he doesn’t know the law, doesn’t know how dangerous our enemies are, never read the Koran and has no idea what the Hadith is or he would have stood up to Obama years ago!

Get this straight! First, non US Citizens (Aliens) who want to gain entry INTO the US have NO RIGHT TO ENTER OR RE-ENTER!!! We the people (through our elected officials) allow only those in, that WE want, period, end of story, simple.


We elected President Donald Trump to protect us and “you” whether you like it or not!!

Aliens, who want in, have no Constitutional rights whatsoever, none!!!

If an Alien had a visa or green card, left and wants back in…then we the people have a Right to know why he left, where he went who he was with; access to his phone, computer, that’s what vetting means!?! That’s the law!

Let’s go a step further…the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952 aka Public Law 414 US, Sec 212, Chapter 2, actually PROHIBITS the entry into the US of ANY Aliens belonging to ANY organization, religion, group seeking the unlawful overthrow of the government of the US by force, violence or other unconstitutional methods! It gives the President the authority to deny admission to ANYONE the President believes is in violation of 414 by Proclamation, no Executive Order is necessary. Under this law, President Trump could have banned JUST Muslims, or JUST Catholics or Jews but, instead, he banned EVERYONE from 7 very troubled countries that contain people who are a stated treat to our people, but cannot be readily identified. A very smart move!

Islamic immigration into the US has actually been banned by Public Law414  because their Book of Faith, the Koran, Sharia law and the Hadith all call for the overthrow of the our government by complete obedience; submission to all the Surahs in the Koran . Those Surahs specifically state that ALL unbelievers are infidels and must be killed. Why do you think 19 Muslims crashed 4 planes, on 9-11-01, killing 3,000 American INFIDELS?

Those elected Officials who want to take a stand against President Trump instead of protecting us, better think twice. Any Governor who defies President Trump on the Alien “freeze” is defying and violating serious Immigration Laws and could find himself in custody because Jeff Sessions is NOT like that piece of crap, racist, Erick Holder or Obama’s puppet Loretta Lynch. Activist Federal Judges who make law from the bench instead of interpreting law could find their positions defunded by Congress, which has been done before!

Senator Jeff Sessions will be a real AG and enforce our Rule of Law! Anyone who “advocates”  Sharia law, calls for demonstrations that lead to violence or rioting had better use their heads. Things are changing for the better. Our Rule of Law will AGAIN be enforced!

Muslim Sharia law is against our Rule of Law, against the Constitution, and our Republic. However, for a Muslim, to not believe in Sharia law is a capital crime under Islamic Sharia law. Those Muslims are a Kafir, the worst of the infidels, that’s also you and me and all pagans, Jews, atheists… we are the worst of the unbelievers according to the Hadith and the Koran.

The problem with you red wing, left, progressive, commie, pinkos is you have become  accustomed to Obama lawlessness, permissiveness and lying and you can’t get used to  Truth, Justice and the American way!

Stick around for a while, you will!

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