A Sweet Treat: Platter’s Chocolates Annual 5k Sponge Candy Race

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawadna

If you didn’t celebrate National Sponge Candy Day on Friday, September 21st, you missed a ‘sweet’ opportunity to savor delicious chocolate and a weekend of events at Platter’s Chocolates in North Tonawanda.

The Third Annual 5k Sponge Candy Run was held on Saturday, September 22nd, and more than two hundred people came out to partake in the event. Young and old, people of all ages were running through the course and some even ate sponge candy as they ran.

Platter’s kicked off the weekend with a sponge candy gala on Friday night followed by the run on Saturday. Organizers say all money raised would be donated to hurricane relief efforts currently ongoing in the Carolina’s.

“The energy and excitement from all of the participants this year was infectious,” said John DiGuiseppe. “Last year we raised around $10,000 altogether and this year we are hoping to raise even more with all the proceeds going to help people affected by the hurricane that just hit in the Carolina’s.”



There is no doubt that Platter’s dedication to excellence is what inspired so many people to come out for the event.

“I’ve been buying chocolate – and sponge candy in particular – from Platter’s Chocolates for years,” said Kristen Bailey, North Tonawanda Resident. “I know it sounds stupid, but it’s literally the perfect combination of chocolate and sponge.”

“Our people have been growing up with our sponge candy for a long time,” said DiGuiseppe. “Our sponge candy is just the way they like it. The secret is that our sponge is a little bit lighter and we coat it twice with chocolate.”

Residents and public officials could not speak more highly of the impact Platter’s Chocolates has on the North Tonawanda community.

“Places like Platter’s Chocolates, as with all of the businesses here in North Tonawanda, is what makes living in this City so special,” said Common Council President Eric Zadzilka. “What they have been able to do in terms of expanding their business over the past few years is incredible. It really is a treat to have people operating in this City who care so much about the community.”

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