The Right Side, Part I


By J Gary DiLaura

Imagine that you are about to board a commercial airplane with your family and you have to make a decision between two pilots, one an arrogant male and one an arrogant female. The male has been flying large commercial planes for years, is a battle hardened military pilot but talks tough and is not a polished speaker but can fly a plane better than “Sully”. He never crashed and burned but had some hard landings but they NEVER cost any lives!

The female learned to fly years ago, never landed a pilot job, always sat in the 2nd seat, never led, never made a good decision about anything, flunked her pilot test several times before her husband hooked her up with the unpopular “Crash and Burn Airlines, LLC” where she “earned” her pilot license with “help”…some say she only passed her test because a friend gave her a copy of the test! Oh, yes, she did crash and burn several times, for certain, and at least one time cost 4 lives in a little known place called Benghazi, Libya, a place that no one cares about. In fact, when questioned about the disaster she was quoted as saying, “What difference does it make”? She also lied about the event, blaming it on a video (for real) and got off!

The male pilot even owns several airlines employing many people but did lose a few companies for various financial reasons when things got bad in ’08 and ’09 but NEVER “crashed and burned”. He still owns many successful airline companies but loves to fly, wants to help this airline, as it’s in financial trouble. The female never owned s—t, was caught stealing and lying many times but always lied her way out! They say she even stole silverware and a case of peanuts off the last plane she was on! Unbelievable!

So… who do you want to fly you and your family?

Those of you who believe there is no comparison… you’re right!

Running the United States takes more integrity, experience, guts, brains, stamina, mental capacity than a loser like Hillary Clinton ever had or will have and 350 million lives are at stake on this flight, not just you, your wife and kids.

Smarten up, we are counting on you to realize how really dangerous she is!

By the way, did you hear about her LATEST complete melt down after the first debate? You didn’t? Well it’s online from several people who saw and heard her! She doesn’t allow her staff to carry phones or ipads when around her as she doesn’t want you and I to hear any of her tirades. It seems Donna Brazile received all the questions Matt Lauer was to ask and gave them to Hillary before the first debate. Well…Matt added the one on her EMAILS and blindsided her! When Hillary walked off stage at the end, she threw a glass, that was full, at her aide and then unleashed an “uncontrolled, top of her voice, four-letter, foul-mouthed diatribe” on her aides for an HOUR and said, and I quote a cameraman from the debate, “Don’t you f…ers realize that if that f…er wins we will all swing in a f…..g noose”? Fact check it, please, because you won’t hear about that from the Buffalo News, NY Times, NBC, ABC nor CBS or CNN or anyone else, except the Reporter!

To read how she treats her Secret Service details, you can find freaking BOOKS written by retired agents and several others like Dick Morris. Current agents don’t dare say anything publicly!

Final preparations are being made at the location of Chelsea Clintons wedding. Bill and Hillary Clinton's only daughter is set to marry Marc Mezvisky on Saturday July 31st at Astor Courts, near Rhinebeck, NY. Workers have erected a huge white marquee for Clinton's star studded reception as well as a gazebo where the couple will possibly tie the knot. Marked police are parked on site for added security.

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