Retired Deputy Police Chief and Air Force Vet Carl Cain announces run for Mayor

Carl Cain
There hasn’t been a Republican mayor in Niagara Falls in 20 years, her being the Hon. Irene Elia. The stars are aligning for a repeat of history.
If the Democrats split their ticket again this year, which seems likely, given the so-far trio of candidates and the plethora of ballot lines they are competing for, then Carl Cain stands to be the odds-on favorite to prevail come November.
What follows is a statement by the candidate, Carl Cain:
Let me just note a few reasons on my aspiration to become mayor of Niagara Falls, N.Y.
1. Making a Positive Difference in People’s Lives
One reason I seek to be mayor is to have a positive impact on the lives of the people in our community. Mayors have the opportunity to shape and influence local policies and programs that can have a direct and meaningful impact on our quality of life. Whether it’s improving access to public services, enhancing economic development, or promoting justice, being mayor provides a platform to create lasting change that can benefit our community for years to come.
2. Demonstrating Leadership and Vision
Mayors are responsible for providing leadership and vision to their cities. I have demonstrated my leadership in the military, civically, and in the police department. In the military I was the law office manager, squad leader, platoon leader, and acting first sergeant for years. Civically, I have been on several boards of directors and currently hold executive level positions on the boards of directors for Heart, Love & Soul, Habitat for Humanity, and Niagara Falls Education Foundation. As a member of the police department, I supervised: community relations, internal affairs, use of force, excessive force, police academy, and in-service training. As deputy chief I demonstrated the ability to navigate complex political landscapes, understand budgets, and develop strategic plans that align with the needs and goals of the community. Becoming mayor is an opportunity to use this servant leadership while collaboration with shareholders and stakeholders alike.
3. Building Strong Communities
Mayors have a unique opportunity to build strong communities by bringing people together around shared values, goals, and aspirations. They can help foster a sense of belonging and create an environment that promotes civic engagement, social cohesion, and inclusivity. Being a mayor means working to build partnerships across different sectors, fostering relationships with community organizations and businesses, and creating opportunities for residents to get involved in local decision-making.
In conclusion, I have a deep commitment to public service, leadership, and community development. By making a positive difference in people’s lives, demonstrating leadership and vision, and building strong communities, I seek to create a brighter future for our city and for us, the people that call Niagara Falls home.
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