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One feature of the Niagara Falls Reporter’s redesigned website readers seem to really be responding to is the ability to comment on stories we publish in real time, essentially as soon as they get done reading.

The number of comments has grown every week since we made the changeover, and last week was no exception. Here are some of the more interesting ones;

On our story, “Train station set to open with one tenant, no museum here?”, reader Michael Alice blamed the train station boondoggle on Niagara Falls voters, who elected Mayor Paul Dyster in three consecutive elections.

“The citizens of Niagara Falls have the government they want. They have voted for the mayor 3 times in a row,” Alice wrote. “The first time, maybe they thought he would make a difference. The second time, they should have known better, but still gave him the benefit of the doubt. But the third time? They have what they asked for. Now, with any luck, he will be indicted for all of his ‘good deeds.”

Another reader, Joanne, made light of city Planner Tom DeSantis’s contention that people would pay to see the Underground Railroad Museum proposed for the train station.

Quoting the article, she wrote;

“’DeSantis didn’t make clear exactly what he expects people to pay to see,’ I think that is why they are calling it the ‘Underground Railroad Interpretive Center,’ where one would pay to enter a vast empty room and imagine, or leave it to one’s own interpretation. Much like the artwork planned for the traffic circle, devoid of substance, large on cost (but also) open to ‘interpretation.’”

John Ski wrote that trying to get Dyster to see sense is a lesson in futility.

“There’s many ideas I would have to expand this train station but the current mayor is closed to thoughts other than his own,” Ski wrote. “But pretty sure he will be playing second fiddle to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and whoever he chooses to ‘help’ run this city then the mayor will become nothing than a puppet.”

On our interview with former councilman Sam Fruscione, who lost his seat in 2013 for questioning the Hamister hotel deal, Al Metro wrote, “I see that Fruscione is still crying like a baby. For some reason the Reporter thinks someone really cares what Fruscione thinks. Bulletin: Nobody does! Fruscione’s opinion is not relevant. I like to see him run for Ceretto’s seat so we can see Fruscione get crushed.”

Our article about Councilwoman Kristen Grandinetti using her Facebook page to post a picture of a nearly naked young woman as a commentary on “rape culture,” Carl B. Latham wrote “Oh please, give me a break! Not only is she ‘asking for it,’ she’s double-dog-daring somebody to try something! Point proven? I suppose so, since I’m a man – but why does it take a man to inject some common sense into the discussion?!

Walking down a dark alley doesn’t give somebody the right to mug you. Forgetting to lock your front door isn’t an invitation for a burglar to ransack your home. Dressing in provocative clothing should never be seen as an offer to be sexually assaulted.

In all three instances, whatever the criminal does remains illegal, no matter how easy the victim may have made things for the bad guy. Still, this does beg the question: why would ANYone consciously wish to be seen as a target?!

“My advice? At night, walk as part of a group along  well-lighted streets, secure your home whenever you’re out and, when in a public setting, PUT ON SOME CLOTHES!

“Save your political commentaries for the lecture hall.”

Our story about dwindling revenues at the Seneca Niagara Casino putting a crimp in the city budget brought out one rabid Dyster supporter, who signed himself LJJR21.

“Have you’ve been to the casino lately? Maybe a trip there will show you that attendance is down. Which means the cash is going to be going down,” LJJR21 wrote. “I forgot, this paper blames Niagara Falls city hall for everything. The casino’s revenues itself are down, must be Dyster’s fault. It’s snowing, Must be Dyster’s fault. Anna Howard [the story’s author] must be Hudson’s new pen name [Not true]. Then again, we’re all supposed to be supporting Kristen Grandinetti now after being told by this paper that she must be no good because she’s the mayor’s neighbor.”

maria brown 2250 (1)

City Controller Maria Brown is “one of the few sane voices of reason.”

In response to LJJR’s remarks, Joanne wrote:

“The mayor and Council were well aware that casino attendance projections would be down and were warned by citizens at Council meetings. The Niagara Falls Reporter and other news outlets also reported on this and the city administration ignored the warnings. A moratorium on all non-emergency spending should be initiated ASAP. Projects and plans in some instances may need to be delayed or postponed until the city has its fiscal house in order. The mayor and council should not be an ostrich with his head in the sand when all economic indicators are obvious to the common man that money is tight. [City Controller] Maria Brown appears to be one of the few sane voices of reason, perhaps what she says should be more paid attention to. The city should concentrate on providing the basics as a strong foundation will beget growth rather than succumbing to being the emperor with no clothes.”



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