Niagara Falls Crime Weekly Review Courtesy of Niagara Action

Crime Reports Published Between Wednesday and Saturday by Niagara Action.

(1) Employee Falls Asleep in Break Room, Awakes to Phone and Credit Card Stolen


(2) McDonald’s Employee Has Vehicle Vandalized – Was the Ice Cream Machine Broken?


(3) Use of Force Utilized by Niagara Falls Police in Warrant Execution


(4) Elementary Teacher Caught in Predator Poachers Sting Operation with 13-year-old Teen (Buffalo)


(5) Unknown Male Breaks Into Vehicle, Steals Several Prescribed Medications


(6) Male Punches Unsuspecting Woman’s Vehicle as She Leaves Liquor Store


(7) Two Men Fighting Over Crack Arrested After Causing Public Disturbance


(8) Squatters Break Into Upstairs Tenant’s Apartment Stealing Toys, Hygiene and Cleaning Products


(9) “Dumpster Danny” Attempts to Break Into Business Through Exhaust Fan


(10) Male High as a Kite Found in Street with Broken Arm, Police Seize Drugs, Knife, Knuckles


(11) Man Charged with Concealing Human Corpse (Lockport)


(12) Four Victims Shot During Niagara Falls Brawl


(13) Male Responsible for String of Burglaries in Niagara Falls Caught on Camera


(14) Car Thief Hits 100th Street, Unlocked Vehicles Making it Too Easy


(15) Neighborhood Prowler Breaks Into Vehicle, Leaves Flip Phone Behind

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