Money Keeps on Flowing at Batavia Downs Gaming

By Tony Farina

The bundles of money keep flowing to patrons at Batavia Downs Gaming. The week ending March 2 was best ever credits played, 25,780,949 with the best ever net win, a staggering $1,915,683.

The all-time single-day best win was reached on March 1, an incredible $421, 912, as the records and cash awards continue to grow.

There were ticket giveaways, several onsite banquets, a vendor show, and large progressive cash drawings.

The Leprechaun Loot Progressive $5,000 cash drawing is set for Saturday, March 23, at Batavia Downs Gaming.  The money keeps flowing out and the return for the member counties and cities continues to grow.

Check out Batavia Downs and maybe it will be your turn to take home some giveaway loot, courtesy of Batavia Downs Gaming.


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