Letter to the Editor: “Spectrum Customers Beware”

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BY: Michael Ishman


Just wanted to pass this along to your readers.


Spectrum customers beware, you soon will be getting less channels and will be paying more.


In my opinion, Spectrum is pulling a fast one on their customers who have Starter TV service.


All Spectrum customers have been notified that starting this month all channels will be broadcasted in digital format and that if we have a cable line connected directly to our TV we will need to order a digital receiver and connect it between the cable line and the TV to continue to receive cable TV service.


Spectrum is promoting this as a service upgrade of more available channels in digital format.


While partially true, Spectrum is also scrambling their cable service which is why all customers will be required to have a receiver box.


I have Starter TV service and all along have been receiving channels such as FOX News Channel, AMC, MSNBC and others.


This week I received my “free” receiver box and connected it to my TV and then had to have the receiver activated by Spectrum.


Now I cannot receive FOX News Channel, AMC, MSNBC and many other channels that I used to receive when I had cable connected directly to my TV.


So now I am paying the same price for TV Service but am receiving less channels.


And additionally, according to the “fine print” I will have to start paying an additional monthly fee for the receiver box, not immediately, but eventually.


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