Lawmakers Meet With IJC Over Ongoing Flooding Concerns on Lake Ontario

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By: Tony Farina

Jane Corwin, the new head of the U. S. section of the International Joint Commission, met with several Niagara County officials on Monday night in Wilson and agreed to speed up communications and appoint two shoreline members, one from Canada and one from the U. S., in the ongoing concern over flooding and high water levels.

“It was a productive meeting,” said Niagara County Legislator Rich Andres (R.-North Tonawanda), who was joined at Monday’s meeting by several of his legislative colleagues and Rep. Chris Collins and Assemblyman Michael Norris.

Andres said the two new shoreline members will be appointed shortly and aid in communicating concerns from residents about water levels and flooding.

“The new chairman, who represented parts of Erie and Niagara Counties in Albany as a state lawmaker, has opened up the lines of communication, allowing for direct calls about concerns,” said Andres.

The IJC is responsible for overseeing water levels in Lake Ontario and Andres said the commission intends to revise or replace Plan 2014, a measure to change lake level guidance which has been criticized by some residents for flooding problems.

“It was a good meeting, and I believe it will help address concerns by residents by opening the lines of communication with the commission,” said Andres.  “She (Corwin) knows this area, and that’s a big help.”


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