A Message of Gratitude From Glenn Choolokian

By Glenn Choolokian

First, I would like to Thank all the voters that voted for me and also, I would like to Thank all the people that I met that opened their doors for me while I was campaigning.

I worked very hard to get my message out throughout the entire city and I am very proud of that.

Though I was very disappointed with the voter turnout and also the rainy weather these are two things that I could not control.

The last couple of days I have been contacted by so many people and groups registered from all different political parties urging me to continue with a write in campaign for the general election.

To all my supporters I would like to say I still believe the city of Niagara Falls definitely needs a Change and a New start.

I will take a little time and look over all my options and make a decision from there. I love Niagara Falls and I love all of you.

Thanks Again for the belief and faith you had in me

Glenn Choolokian


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