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AUGUST 25 - SEP 01, 2015

Donald Trump for President of the United States

J. Gary DiLaura

August 25, 2015


People run for political offices for different reasons but most do it for jobs for themselves, friends, relatives and cronies. Others do it for an ego boost and others for power; power to control people, and their behavior. People run for President, I feel, for more of the same reasons. VERY few run for reasons other than those.  I can only think of two whom I believe ran for President, for a totally different reason! I believe that, if you give it some thought, you can think of the same two! Think about that for a moment.

Why would Donald Trump run for President of the United States?

 We can eliminate the biggest reasons above, that don't apply to Donald Trump for wanting to become President. He employs thousands and could keep any number of people employed in high paying jobs! He certainly doesn’t need money for himself. He’s even financing his own run for the president and THAT my friends, scares the hell out of the Democrat party as well as their backers like George Soros. It also upsets some of the Republican candidates who count on Donald Trump to help finance “their” political ambitions! Is he running for an ego boost?  Get real! One of the most successful business men in the world, surrounded by beautiful people doesn’t need an ego boost.

Then why in the world would he run? He has said he wants to straighten out our Country, but why?

 Our free enterprise system and our Constitution allowed him to use his own initiative, brainpower, and imagination to rise to the successful position to which he has risen! He could not have done that in Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, only in America! And Donald Trump feels, as I do, we are on the verge of losing the Constitution, our free enterprise system and our Country! Some people just don’t realize that if we don’t get our Constitution back there will be NO Republican or Democrat or Independent or Tea Party, only a Supreme leader; a tyrannical leader! We are that close!

We saw Ronald Reagan and I believe we saw JFK run for that special reason!

 It’s called PATRIOTISM. The man is a Patriot!

He wants to take care of our veterans, make America energy independent, rebuild our military, stop our enemies from brutalizing us ( both physically and economically),  put our citizens back to work, and enforce our rule of law! The difference between him and all the other candidates, from both parties, is he has proven that he can do what he says he can do. He may not be as polished a speaker as you want but he’s different from the others, he’s a truth teller, like it or not! It’s a reason that we don’t see very often. That’s why some find him hard to take. He tells it like it is! The trouble is he’s a regular guy like you and me, when it comes to public speaking. He’s not a professional politician who can turn a question into another question and spin your head around and then you ask your spouse, “What the hell did that guy say”? When Trump is asked a question he doesn’t try to spin it, he answers it! Then the press spins it!

When he was asked what he felt our biggest problems are, he said it is energy and immigration. Simple. When they want to nail him down he says we need to use ALL our energy resources, stop people from illegally entering our Country, and get rid of the “illegals”. That folks is our Rule of Law that this President refuses to enforce! Pretty straight forward answers.

This president and most current candidates say they will NOT enforce our Rule of Law.

The press spins Donald Trump's answers to say he doesn’t care about the environment and hates Mexicans!

That isn’t what he says. I’m going to put my spin on what Donald Trump says and it is that he wants to first identify all the people who are in our Country illegally. Since it can only be done by photographing, fingerprinting and DNA testing ALL the “illegals”, we must do that and issue them ID cards. Then separate them into families who are living within the law, people living outside the law (no job, no honest income) and those with criminal records, and so forth. Those who are criminals and those living outside the law must be legally removed, immediately with expedited extradition proceedings. Those who are attempting to live within our laws, will be given a legal way to remain while further consideration is given to a fair and equitable resolution. That’s what he means!

Since an energy emergency exists, created by Obama, through illegal actions of the EPA, by closing clean coal fired power plants with no viable replacement, Mr. Trump will reverse all those actions and reopen all closed coal power plants ( 40% of our power). He will then declare an energy emergency, close the EPA and pass those responsibilities to the States. He will utilize nuclear, solar, wind, fossil fuels, natural gas and every viable energy source we have to become totally energy independent as soon as possible! He will replace our Grid and make it "bullet" proof. We need to protect our environment but we must keep our Country in order to have an environment to protect!

It may take you a while to realize what I say is true but if you give it enough thought you will:









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AUGUST 25 - SEP 01, 2015

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