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July 29 - Aug 06, 2014

Letters to the Editor

July 29, 2014

A reader calling itself “T” hates our publishing pictures of fat woman. So to please “T” we are publishing a picture of a fat man.


Owens a Fine Example!

I've read all the recent nasty remarks made about city administrator Donna Owens in your newspaper.
It's not true that she's not an expert on waste.
She's a fine example of a waste of money, a waste of space and a waste of time.
Mayor Paul Dyster certainly got his money's worth because Donna Owens was Dyster's first "best and brightest" hire in 2008.
What does that say about Mayor Dyster?

John Q. Public
Cayuga Island, Niagara Falls


It’s Simple, Really

The easiest way to explain the new garbage/recycle plan is as follows:
Do we recycle Dyster, Owens, Walker, and Grandinetti ?--- NO
Do we throw them out with the trash? ----- YES
Joe Grabka
Niagara Falls


You Hypocrite!

Why you print concert in Megadeth promoting filth? But in the back you print how to wear seat belt, big tits, small tits. who is hypocrite?
Name not given


Low-Class, Sleazy Publication

I am impelled to write your sleazy publication. It abuses women.
For several months you have been publishing and printing contemptible photos showing Women as BIMBOS and SEX Objects and overweight (which is the worst). All this is a despicable degradation of WOMANHOOD and is not funny at all. How dare you?!!
Also: stop printing religious and biblical blurbs in your scandal sheet. You can't imagine how many readers recoil at this. Your paper is indecent.
Instead, print uplifting poems and adages or history facts.
In many places no one likes your FREE paper because they know it is disgusting, trashy and extremely LOW-CLASS.
What kind of writers do you employ?
What kind of editors do you employ?
What level of intelligence is in your offices?
Have a nice Day!


Likes the Reporter

Can't wait until Tuesday night. Read the Reporter online then and then get the hard copy on Wednesday. You make my week newswise most weeks....Thanks to Frank --and Mike--and your entire crew for being what journalism is supposed to be about.....
Donna Wilson
North Tonawanda


Was a Dyster’s Perv at Fantasy Island?

Love the Reporter. Just wondering if the pervert who molested the little girl at Fantasy Island was one of Dyster's Felon placements. Keep up the good work. The truth is always fair.
D Durkin


Sex Offender Reformer Chides Reporter Coverage

I found the piece entitled "Sex Offender Epidemic Growing Larger..." intriguing reading. Your slogan, "The truth is always fair," suggests that your publication is open to hearing and printing opposing opinions as well as verified facts.

The editorial suggests that it is alarming that 3 out of every 1,000 people encountered are registered sex offenders. What is alarming is that the number of sex offenders is most likely much greater. However, the vast majority of them have not yet been identified. Statistics show that approximately 96% of sexual crime is committed by those who have never previously been charged with such an offense. Therefore, if 3 of 1000 are registrants due to having been convicted of a previous sexual offense, then 997 of the 1000 are potential, unidentified sexual offenders. Perhaps a warning should be issued about the greater threat.

Another intriguing line from the op/ed is, "We welcome them, in much the same way we welcome dead baby burning garbage incineration plants." I cannot imagine the mind capable of conceiving such a simile. This stands in a class by itself although the implied comparison in this sentence is in the same category: "Fracking waste in our drinking water, polluted air from the burned garbage of New York City and dangerous and violent offenders from all over the state are just a few of the things we deal with in an effort to allow the city to balance its budget." So is the use of the word "epidemic" in the title. Such incendiary portrayal of those on the registry shows a complete lack of the common knowledge that the vast majority of sexual crime, especially against children, is committed by those well known to the victims, those already in their lives in close, trusted, and often familial positions. The truth is that if children are being molested, if women are being raped, it is almost certain the perpetrators are those already in the community, not registrants coming in to the community.

Also showing a complete disconnect from reality is the assertion that "... the state Parole Board is increasingly eager to put undesirable perverts as far away from civilization as possible...." First, the assumption that all on the registry are "perverts" shows a surprising degree of ignorance of the subject matter. Registrants include children as young as nine who were playing doctor, husbands and fathers who made the mistake of having pre-marital sex in high school with the girls they later married, and those who were falsely accused and wrongly convicted.

Additionally, unless New York is different from the other 49 states, the twin goals of the criminal justice system are punishment and rehabilitation. Rehabilitation involves access to services such as counseling, help with finding employment, and re-entry programs. Many registrants are married with children. They must have access to decent housing, to schools, to churches, to medical services, to civilization itself.

Perhaps the most erroneous and egregiously incorrect statement found in the op/ed is the statement that someone who committed rape a couple of decades ago "...would probably do the same today if given half a chance." The attempt to mitigate the ridiculousness of this assumption with "probably" does not excuse the total lack of research into the topic, research showing that the re-offence rate for registered offenders as a group is somewhere around 5%.
Also compelling is the research showing that the longer one remains offense-free in the community, the less his risk with each passing year of ever re-offending.

The subject of sexual offending is a complex and highly emotional topic. Much that is "known" is based on myths and misinformation. It is urgent that those choosing to write on the topic stay away from speculation, emotionally charged language, and false statements. Only through facts can the actual truth be shown, and then it will be accurate that the truth is fair.
Sandy Rozek

National RSOL Communications Committee, Reform Sex Offender Laws, Inc.
Wrong Paper but can anybody help?

Greetings! Someone recently told me about that a couple of weeks ago my band, the Mombrea Brothers had a picture in the Wheatfield Tribune. Unfortunately I live in LaSalle, not Wheatfield, & I do not receive that paper. Is it true a picture of the band was recently run? If so, I would love to pick up a copy if one is available. Thank you and have a great day!
Joe Mombrea


Sex Offender Article Unfair

“The truth is always fair,” and yet fairness is not always the truth. What a truly ignorant and misleading piece of journalism your article “Sex Offender Epidemic Growing Larger Here With Every Passing Day” was.
Generally, sex offender recidivism rates are less than 5%. If they have undergone treatment 2.5%.
Now, what do the statistics suggest is the sex offending rates for the authors: 5%.
We should be worrying about the general adult male population more than we worry about the recoveringsex offender.
In our ignorant and repressive stance towards the natural topic of human sexuality we have created the sexual pervert, who we then turn around and project our uncomfortable and destructive tendencies upon because we can't face our own sexuality.
अहिंसा (ahimsa)
The ends can never justify the means as love lives in the present always.
Aaron Peters


Maziarz Was Good to People

Thank you for "REAL" coverage on State Sen. George Maziarz.
And thank you to Mike Hudson, who I agree with. Maziarz was always good to us--but too many of those he got into office haven't been. Maziarz has always cared about the people he represents and wanted to know them, not remaining aloof from them as too many other current elected officials are. He was always in touch with the needs and concerns of the people he represented.
Sorry I can't let you use my name in this letter to the editor because there is so much retribution in Niagara County. Keep up your wonderful work at cleaning up Niagara County!!!!
Name Withheld
North Tonawanda


Niagara County Corrupt

I am a loyal and faithful reader of the Niagara Falls report I like the fact that you're not afraid to print the truth the Niagara county newspapers and radio stations are all in somebody's pocket or they have to be afraid of retribution either for themselves or their family we all know how crooked Niagara County is.
If you want to know what a criminal looks like just try Niagara County especially the City of Lockport. They all wear suits or uniforms or have a political position. I cannot sign my name because I have family in Niagara county.
Name withheld


Why I chose to resign

After 10 years as an elected official, I have decided to step down as a Town of Lewiston Councilman as of Friday, July 25th, 2014.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the people of Lewiston for the opportunity to serve the Town and Village over the last decade. It truly has been an honor.
During my time as a Village Trustee and Town Councilman I have had the privilege to serve with so many great people on both of those boards and want to thank all of them for their efforts on Lewiston’s behalf. Further, I have got to know volunteer members on committees and boards who quietly work so hard for the community we love. They deserve a tremendous amount of gratitude for their time.
This decision will afford me the opportunity to pursue some other interests; both professionally and personally.
Finally, I wish the very best to my friends on the Town and Village Boards. I am confident that they, as I always tried to do, will continue to work for a better Lewiston.
Best Regards,
Michael J. Marra


It was the Truck Drivers

Sleeping at DPW!
I was totally dumbfounded as I was reading the article about the people delivering the totes. I have never read an article that was so off base and I can’t help but wonder where you got any of this information. I work at the city yard and see these workers every day, six days a week. They do not sleep on the site-they come in to work at about 7AM and work until 6 or 7 PM. These guys deliver approximately 3000 totes a day. There are only 2 Ryder trucks used to deliver the totes. The semi trucks that you may have seen overnight are the long distant drivers bringing the totes from where they are shipped from. Since these drivers come in after hours after driving all day, they are allowed to stay on site and sleep in their extended cabs until the delivery crew comes in the next day to empty them. Yes- the same crew delivering our totes also unload the semis. Maybe if you have questions about this, instead of assuming things, and printing such far fetched stories, come to the yard and talk to someone. I feel horrible for these workers, they work very hard, and then to be labeled as gypsies or nomads, wow... Another group of people who will leave this area when done and certainly have some real nice things to say about the falls after that.
Jim Kwiatowski
Niagara Falls







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