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July 29 - Aug 06, 2014


July 29, 2014

Dear idiots:

Answer yes or no: Do you think Gov. Andrew Cuomo's "Buffalo Billion" that he is being praised for distributing in Western New York is his own hard-earned money?

Send your answer, along with $5 in cash (no checks please) to “FREE idiot TEST) PO Box 3083, Niagara Falls NY 14304. Please no essays!

For answer see below.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, he’s our hero: He takes from the middle class and gives to the deserving among the rich.


Yes, it is Cuomo’s money.
About $1.5 billion was taken in taxes from middle-class New Yorkers in order that wondrous Gov. Andrew Cuomo could redistribute $1 billion to a select and distinguished group of millionaire developers and investors wise enough to realize Cuomo’s greatness and contribute to his campaign. In return, all Gov. Cuomo got for his selfless taking from the middle class and giving to the deserving wealthy is applause-style headlines and fawning stories of his largesse from a media that has no conception whatsoever of economics. The Buffalo Billion came from the people of Western New York. Cuomo took control of who gets it. Since possession in New York is all Ten Points of the Law, yes, it is Cuomo’s money.








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