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DEC 02 - DEC 09, 2014

Letters to the Editor

December 03, 2014

I'll Shoot Cats on My Property With Pellet Gun; So Keep Your Cats Indoors

I do not hate cats. I thought I made that clear in my original letter.

I like cats. I do not own one, nor do I wish to own one. If you want a cat, fine, more power to you. However be a responsible cat owner and keep it inside. Turning your cat out at night or during the day is irresponsible and lazy. Cats kill two billion birds a year, mostly songbirds. The Everglades in Florida are experiencing a huge ecological problem because lazy people have turned loose their pythons they didn't want any more as pets. Currently it is difficult to find raccoons, robins, rabbits and possums in the Everglades because invasive pythons are destroying them. I wonder if they eat cats?

A friend of mine used to have a boxer. It was the greatest dog in the world but if your cat came into the yard that dog would kill it. Who was at fault, the cat owner of the dog owner?

That's what dogs do after all.

I don't hate dogs but if you're walking your dog and it dumps on my yard and you do not pick it up, we will have some words. This doesn't mean I hate dogs. It just means I don't like irresponsible dog owners.

In regard to my earlier letter and a certain Mr. Hazel's comment about my breaking the law because I said I shoot cats that trespass on my property, from now on I am only going to use my pellet gun to shoot cats, since "whosoever destroys my flock so too I shall destroy" or at least get their attention.

So keep your cat off my property.

In fact cat owners keep your cats indoors. It is better for cats, better for birds, better for us all.

John Pauly



Jayne Park Fiasco or whatever happened to Dr. Jayne?

A lot has been printed about the "Wants" and "NOT-wants" about "Jayne Park" on Cayuga Island.

Including more than 250 petitions (I believe there are 256 family homes on the Island) three years ago or so......

At this time, last of November week 2014, there is no return from the scars afflicting the Park that started at, of all days, Halloween.

Not all of the pavement is in place (due to snowy weather), however, dead trees (not all!!) have been removed, new little trees and some shrubs have been planted, the playground has piles of woodchips placed, an "Overlook" is in the progress (I believe, someone called on the POWER AUTHORITY to lower the Little River Water Level in order to put in place the supports for a wooden-platform-overlook-construction).. A couple of concrete pads have been poured which indicate locations of benches. Around the old "Concession Building," which has become the parking lot for the construction site, it's a disturbing sight to us who face the Park on Joliet Avenue, though the workers are doing well in keeping "things" in order...

Now then, the PATH is to be named for John J. Maroon.

I am impressed by his credentials!! Bless his heart. And THANK YOU for your services, John!

And there is a new plaque for J. Bass....(folks on the Island keep it with flowers thru the year)

(There used to be a plaque under the evergreens near that building honoring John Mang, who had done a lot for the local kids and their interest in baseball. The plaque was taken off at the time the City removed the fenced area for the ball practice-pad a few years back.)

But, what happened to Dr. Jayne ??

Dr. Jayne is the one in who's name this Park in 1932 was dedicated to the community. He used to be honored with a plaque in "Jayne Park".... it got ripped off some time during ...never mind...

Check the Library for Dr. Jayne, an amazing physician helping our community!!! Back in 2010 was my last attempt to honor Dr. Jayne...

So, Winter creeping in, Park being flooded, frozen, Spring coming, scars of construction equipment-tracks to be covered and re-seeded with grass, dogs and geese pooping all over, lawnmowers cursing the "obstacles" of pathway and new trees....

Hmm...does the CITY have the money for the MAINTENANCE of the new creation in Jayne Park????????

Brigitte Shackleton

Niagara Falls


If Brown And Grandinetti Can't Take it Like a Man,
Then Get a Man to Protect Them

Last week it was reported that Niagara Falls Controller Maria Brown and Acting Mayor Kristen Grandinetti both got hugely upset because of cartoonist Gerald Skrlin's cartoon where he refers to Controller Brown as "Cuntroller Brown."

They even tried to arrest the man who possessed the fliers that had the cartoon.

So this is something I've always wondered when dealing with profanity.

I've always seen women call men di*ks or pr*cks before, but if you call a woman a cu*t or a tw*t, suddenly you've gone too far.

Why is it worse?

In London, where I lived for several years, the word "c*nt" is used so frequently that it is on the same level of profanity as the word "as*h*le."

Is it that men are more mature and tougher than women that in this country the word cun* is more savage than the word p*ick?

I never hear any man outraged at someone being called a co*k/d*ck/pri*k/sc*otum.

I'd like to say to Maria Brown and Kristen Grandinetti, if you can't take it like a man, simply admit you're the weaker sex and stop demanding equality!

Demand chivalry and the old sexist model where men were gallant and women demure. It wasn't so bad.


Wanda Beckstein

Niagara County


Loved Your Prostitution Article

I appreciated your article on walking the streets. It is the best article I've ever read about prostitution and better than so-called documentaries on TV.

I also believe you put your life in danger by interviewing the ladies and driving around those areas and you were brave to print it.

I wondered why you didn't ask Linda if she was receiving welfare and food stamps and WIC program? I wish Linda would get public assistance and clean houses off the books when she can because it pays more. She would be happier and less likely to get arrested than what she's doing now.

You also mentioned sexual abuse of the ladies. That is a one-way ticket to PTSD and don't let's forget these are the crack babies of the 1980s. Most adults need psychiatric help of some sort from the trauma in and out of the womb. I would like to know if any of those ladies ever got treated for mental disorders.

I wondered why you didn't ask the ladies if they were for or against posting John pictures in the newspaper. I would love to see the John's arrested and a mandatory fine of $1500 first offense, $3,000 second and jail for the third offense. I would also like a second charge put on John's for conspiracy with slave traders.

Also why didn't you ask about the pimps. I would like to know how many pimps there are out there rather than how many dealers of (death) drugs.

My heart is hurting for the children that adults corrupted.

Maria, a 52 year old


Tote Questions for Dyster

Has anyone had the time to see what these new employees actually do for the forty hours a week they supposedly work since the mayor hired them for his recycle program?

I've had my totes since August and have not used them yet. It's not that I am dirty or messing, it's that I'm single and not home because of work and other activities and have little garbage to throw out. There are questions that need to be answered about this program too, If the mayor wasn't going to hire family or friends during his term.

1. What connection do these new employees have with the mayor?

2. Why wasn't it advertised or civil service exam offered?

3. What are their titles and what is their pay based on?

4. Are they receiving full medical and is that included in his savings each month?

5. Are there any other towns or cities that have these employees?

6. Does the mayor include gas, car insurance or office expense when he claims he is saving money?

7. Didn't he realize how many years it would take just to pay off the totes alone?

Signed: Over taxed home owner and tote payer in Niagara Falls


Likes Us

I look forward to your newspaper, and I make sure to pick up a couple of copies for some of my older than me friends who no longer drive, since we ALL look forward to your paper. Thank you for this newspaper, you have a lot of fans in this city and in the surrounding areas. Take care, and thank you again.


Niagara Falls


Enjoyed Article on Prozeralik

Hello Frank.

I enjoyed reading your article about John Prozeralik. I worked for John in Sales & Operations at the now-defunct Fallside Resort; where I also met you back in the late 90's. I learned of John's passing today and found your article in a search. I am grateful that you published such a detailed article commending his many accomplishments. John became like a surrogate grandfather and I had a great affection for him despite how feisty he could be. As you know, John had incredible integrity and was passionate about projects he believed in that could stimulate the struggling local economy.

I'm so very sad to learn of his passing, as well as his brother, Nick. What a remarkable family and what an honor to know them both.

Stacy Saj- Crooks

Hilton Garden Inn

Charlotte Airport





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