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DEC 02 - DEC 09, 2014

The Islamic Center of WNY Coming to Wheatfield Presents a Risk, According to ex-FBI Agent

By J. Gary DiLaura

December 03, 2014


A meeting was recently hosted by Mohammad Salem Agwa who wanted to dispel concerns of the community regarding the Islamic Center coming to the old Suzanne's Restaurant on Niagara Falls Blvd.

Based upon what was reported by the Buffalo News, I personally have some serious concerns. What Imam Agwa was quoted as saying is the opposite of what I have read in the Koran and other Islamic teachings. The Koran clearly states that Unbelievers should be killed. It allows for honor killings. It calls for women to be treated like possessions or pets.

Understand, at least 51 Islamic nations practice and preach violent teachings of the Koran. A new nation, ISIS, claiming to be an Islamic state, is beheading Christians and unbelievers as we speak. If I am misquoting or misunderstanding I apologize, but I don't think so.

The News quoted Agwa as saying, "Muslims and non-Muslims must be living together as one family. This is not my saying or opinion. It is what Allah is commanding us to do in the Holy Quran." However, Surah 3:28 states, "Let not the Believers take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than Believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah: except by way of precaution, that you may guard yourselves from them. "

America is a Christian Nation, founded on Christian principles and ideologies. We welcome other, non-violent, peaceful religions to enjoy our cultures, rights and freedoms. We do not allow violence that contradicts our Constitution or our laws. Our "Rule of Law" mandates a separation of Church and State!

Islam , however, demands that Church and State are one, ruled by a religious ruler! Islam directs when to pray, how to pray, how to dress, allows that woman be treated as possessions, and allows what we in America would call "murder" and assault. Islamic teachings are in direct conflict with our Constitution, but I have never heard any Imam point that out to any gathering. Does Imam Agwa believe that church and state must be one and be ruled by a religious leader who directs all aspects of life?

I personally, do not want Islam taught in any U. S. public schools, or colleges that receive any public money, period! Teach Islam at a Mosque, teach Catholicism at Church School, and teach Judaism at Temple. It's that simple!

A guest speaker at the recent meeting was Rev. Milsten, who said; "The terrorism going on today is not Islam." I believe Rev. Milsten has no idea what he is talking about! According to ISIS, Al Queada , Hesbula and other Islamic groups, and some Nations, they are at war with us. Iran has said they intend to kill us and Israel. Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei believes he's an Islamic Muslim of an Islamic Iran and wants you and I dead, and sponsors terrorism on a regular basis. ISIS says they are Islam and they are at war with us. I would like Rev, Milsten, with all due respect, to explain how he can say what he said!

Iman Agwa claims that his Islamic Center has no intention of trying to make converts. I guess he doesn't know that wealthy Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia do.

Islamic nations donate millions of dollars every year to our schools and colleges. Saudi Arabia donated $20 million to establish the Middle East Study Department at the University of Arkansas and $5 million to Berkley. They also donated $22.2 million to Harvard, $28.1 million to Georgetown, $11 million to Cornell, $5 million to Rutgers and the list goes on and on, according to Brigete Gabrielle, an expert on Islam and advisor to presidents and national security officials worldwide.

Things have been going so good that Saudi King Faheed started sending millions to grade schools after coming up with an acceptable book to be used in the Islamic course. They are getting away with this under a program called Title 6. They are spending millions on our education system from 7th grade to college, in effect bribing our educators to allow Islam into their curriculums.

So now we have an Islamic Culture Center in Wheatfield. The question is which Islam are they? I can't tell the difference between the "good" Muslims and the "bad?" It might be easier if the good wore white and the bad wore black, or if the good demonstrated with outrage when a Muslim beheads an American soldier in the name of Islam. Which parts of the Koran do they not believe in? Keeping in mind that the Koran calls for death to Unbelievers and is directly opposed to our rule of law. They come to our country and demand that we recognize their non-Christian holidays when countries like Saudi Arabia won't even allow us to set foot into Mecca or Medina, as we are unclean. They demand that we change our schools to accommodate their beliefs when their beliefs, according to Mohammed, are in violation of our rules of law!

I personally believe we should not allow any Muslims into the U. S. from Muslim countries until we can figure out which ones want to kill us! If someone knows, please enlighten me, please!





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