People’s Voice Edition: Chris’s Corner, A Conservative-Libertarian Approach to Poverty

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Chris’s Corner: A Conservative-Libertarian Approach to Fighting Poverty



Michelle Deuble:

“TRUTH! It’s sad to see the amount of able bodied people in our community (especially the younger ones) with zero motivation or life goals but selfishly choose to have children.”


Ken Ziggy Pomichter:

“It’s like our city subsidizes dealers and users, thieves and gangbangers all because testing people would be inhumane? As pointed out we have people that have made their only contribution to society as baby makers and as a person that had to go into homes and speak to people from all walks of life I can tell you that it is a gut punch to every person out there working to better themselves when you hear someone tell you how they are the third or fourth generation of a family that has existed solely off of the system meant to aid those people that can not provide because of infirmities or advanced age. Along people want to become dependent on government and providing incentives for people already on the system to stay on it was (and is) the agenda of part of our government because they believe that the only way to ensure votes is to make people afraid that voting for change is the same as sabotaging their way of life. It’s insanity but insidiously manufactured to make any efforts to fix the problems into some kind of targeted assault on segments of the population. It’s like one of those Saw movies where we’re stuck in a trap and the act of trying to get yourself out just makes the danger multiply until disaster is the only foreseeable outcome. We’ve been screwed for a long time and I really think there’s no way out at this point. I hope I’m wrong but it doesn’t look that way.”


Marc J DeGregorio:


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