Council Candidate wants to take back Tourism

by Bill Kennedy
Advocating to keep money circulating locally and to take some tourism back from Albany, Niagara Falls City Council candidate Bill Kennedy has released the following statement.
“We need to start directing traffic into the city so that tourists park outside of Niagara Falls State Park and frequent our downtown establishments, patronize businesses on 3rd Street, and venture into our core neighborhoods.
“Revitalizing Pine Avenue is essential. Starting from the Aquarium and all the way up Pine Avenue there should be street signs that advertise locally-owned businesses.
“We need new ideas to attract developers to increase business here, to grow out of the situation we are in.
“If elected, I will do my best to work with the stakeholders of the park to have a mutually beneficial relationship that will make both sides happy, and to be the voice of the residents of Niagara Falls.
“We, the citizens, need to be taken seriously. With a new approach to forming a solid relationship for the future, we will start the foundation for growth. We have to work together one step at a time. We live here.
“I helped stop the Lodge on Goat Island and I brought up the idea of preserving the gorge. I did that as a citizen. Imagine what I will try to do if I’m elected.”
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