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City Hall Jokes – Feb 25


Answer: Down a $350,000 rat hole.
Question: Where did the money for the “train station re-bid” go?

Paul Dyster and George Maziarz walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and shouts, “You sleazy politician, I thought they finally caught up to you, get out! Senator Maziarz, you can stay.”

What will happen first?
A) Hamister will build his hotel
B) Hell will freeze over
B) Paul Dyster will be transparent 
D) None of the above

Confucius say: When angry residents speak their mind at council meeting, council chairman run for cover like old woman caught in sudden storm.

Political dictionary
Dyster Parking Plan: an unconscionably costly document calling for even more unconscionable administrative costs balanced on the breathtakingly disingenuous premise that parking meters are needed to hold down costs.

A thought bubble above Charles Walker’s head:
“As long as the city’s finances are a mess no one will notice that I’m still violating election law by refusing to file campaign finance reports.”

Answer: As nervous as long tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs.
Question: How would you describe Dyster’s department heads as they await the mayor’s final word on who stays and who goes at city hall?

Those city hall staff meetings must be a lot wilder than we thought. Mayor Dyster boasted on the Darro show that he’s been trained to treat heroin overdoses with Narcan.

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