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SEP 29 - OCT 06, 2015

Hunting Season Underway

SEP 29, 2015

When people kill wild animals they call it "harvesting"
Hunting is fun
Killing a cat is bad.
Coyote's pay no attention of rules.
Human meat is not popular
Killing lion sometimes good sometimes bad, depending on lion killed
Dog meat is popular in some places
Cannibals enjoy a tasty treat
Food and a trophy
Calf meat is called veal
Man enjoying human meat

Every fall, more than 800,000 hunters and trappers in New York go to the field to enjoy hunting and trapping deer, bear, beaver, Canada geese and other red-blooded animals.

Sales of sporting licenses, hunting equipment and accessories of all kinds, and expenditures for travel to hunting locations provide millions of dollars for local economies.

A recent survey estimated hunter expenditures on equipment and trip-related expenses in New York totaled more than $1.5 billion in 2011.

Bowhunting season opens on October 1.

Regular firearms season opens October 24.

Firearms seasons for deer in the Southern Zone of New York will open on November 21.

The youth of New York are encouraged to kill a deer at the annual Youth Deer Hunt over the Columbus Day weekend (October 10-12). During this hunt, 14 and 15-year old “junior hunters” may shoot a deer of either sex when accompanied by a licensed adult mentor. Young hunters must wear blaze orange so they are not accidentally shot and possibly killed during their first hunting experience and spoil what is normally a family celebration of hunting heritage. 

Bear hunting season runs concurrent with deer season beginning November 21.

Small Game Mammals

Besides killing bear and deer, hunters also enjoy killing squirrels, (season opened on September 1,) cottontail rabbits, (October 1) coyote (October 1) raccoon, fox, and bobcat (October 25).

Upland Game Birds

Hunting game birds, including pheasant, ruffed grouse and woodcock open October 1 in most of eastern New York (excluding Long Island; and in northern New York, grouse season opened on September 20). Pheasant season opens on October 17 in western New York and November 1 on Long Island.

The fall turkey hunting season includes a two-week fall turkey season and a statewide season bag limit of one bird of either sex: the season begins on October 17, running through October 30.


If you haven’t killed enough Canada geese this year you may be out of luck as the season is ending in September, but waterfowl hunters have opportunities to look forward to duck hunting on October 3 and then Canada goose seasons will re-open  on October 24.

The right to kill animals is something the state of New York charges people to do.

To legally hunt sporting licenses and permits must be purchased from the DEC, which has'1,200 license sales outlets statewide. Licenses can be ordered by telephone at 866-933-2257, or on DEC's website.

Hunters Urged to Report All Deer, Bears, and Turkeys Taken

IN addition hunters are required to report deer, bear and wild turkey they “harvest” (kill) within seven days, and these reports are said to be important for the DEC to estimate total harvests and monitor population trends.

Hunters keep population of hunted animals down in the state and many other states and take the place to some extent of natural selection.

Reports can be submitted to DEC’s Game Harvest Reporting System at or by calling 1-866-426-3778.

Bear hunters are urged to report because DEC’s reporting system experienced problems since the number of reports has been much lower than expected.

Hunters who killed a bear this year can report bears taken beyond the seven days and the DEC promises amnesty since DEC officials want to obtain important biological data from all bears harvested.

Hunter Safety

In keeping with the new much loved by Democrats era of increasing regulatory powers given to the state over the people - new hunters must complete a mandatory hunter or trapper education course where the state displaces the father or elder clan member from teaching youth to safely hunt.

Government courses are free and are taught by DEC-certified instructors.

For More Information

To get information about opportunities and restrictions visit DEC’s hunting or trapping pages at Hunters and trappers are advised to confirm the exact dates, bag limits, legal implements, and other regulations pertaining to any area they plan to hunt or trap before going afield.






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