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NOV 18- NOV 26, 2014

'I Doubled my Business Through the Reporter'
Lou Avino Isn’t all About Gutters
40-year Falls Legend Keeping On

By Mike Hudson

November 18, 2014

Guys you can trust. Lou with his long time helper Paul will come to your house and handle any repair.

Get your mind out of the gutter!

When people in Niagara Falls think of Lou Avino, they think of gutters. For more than 40 years Lou’s beenclimbing the ladder of success onto the rooftops of Cataract City homes, cleaning the gutters befouled bythe leaves dropped by the city’s majestic maple, oak and fruit trees.

But there’s more to Lou than that.

Much more.

Siding, house painting, home repair; Avino is kind of a one stop shop for just about anything you mightneed done around the house.

Plus he’s a super nice guy. Old school. Gruff but always a gentleman, a jack of all trades who is asleast as responsible for keeping Niagara Falls looking nice as anyone with an office at City Hall.

He says advertising in the Niagara Falls Reporter has doubled his business over the past year.

"Since I started advertising in the Reporter, my phone is always busy. After all, everyone reads theReporter. I find by being steady in the paper, the calls keep coming."

Avino’s reputation however often precedes him. He’s a guy who gets the job done right the first time.

“Lou’s been working on my house since forever,” said one satisfied customer, a widow whose children havefled the city. “When he comes I always bake a rhubarb pie. He loves rhubarb pie.”

For his own part, Avino is modest.

“I do what I do, you know? It’s not rocket science,” he told the Reporter. “I’m a simple man who doeswhat he does.”

With winter coming on, Avino says his gutter season is pretty much over, but he is available to dointerior work, winterizing, weatherizing, painting, remodeling and any other task a homeowner might need.Like many in Niagara Falls before him, his work ethic is pretty much what sees him through.

Give him a call, should some household problem get the better of you. He’ll pick up the phone himself.It’s 716 579-7397. Do yourself a favor.





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'I Doubled my Business Through the Reporter' Lou Avino Isn’t all About Gutters 40-year Falls Legend Keeping On
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