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May 20 - May 28, 2014

Lewiston Believe It or Not Police Get Credit Cards to Buy Gas Anywhere?

May 20, 2014

Even after two police officers were caught stealing gas form town pumps, the generous (with taxpayer money) Town Board of Lewiston has crafted a plan so that they can never get caught again.... They will now have credit cards to buy gas anywhere they like for any vehicle, anytime.

This strange story about the Town of Lewiston sounds like something that could actually be printed in "Ripley's Believe It Or Not." Ripley's slogan was "UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE", and their articles would always start by stating "Ripley's scours the globe to bring you stories that are as unbelievable as they are true." But to find this story we didn't have to scour the globe. We simply had to look to the Town of Lewiston.

I am sure you may recall all the numerous problems the Town has had with unauthorized use and outright theft of gasoline and diesel fuel. Former Town Supervisor Steve Reiter and two police officers were purportedly caught on FBI cameras stealing gas. Another employee recently had his position "eliminated" over the disappearance of hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel from Joe Davis State Park.

To put an end to the problem of any further unauthorized use of fuel the town board acted swiftly and decisively. New security measures were put in place, and the installation of surveillance cameras was authorized to monitor the fuel pumps 24 hours a day. The town board said that by doing those things it would be virtually impossible for anyone to steal fuel, and I think they were right.

But at their last meeting the Town Board unanimously approved a new scheme to give every one of their police officers their own gasoline credit card to use. The very same town board that decided to implement new security measures voted to give the police the ability to circumvent all of them. With their new credit cards any officer can fill up any car, at any time, and at any fuel station they want to go to. So even after actually seeing surveillance videos of police officers stealing gasoline they decided to go back to the good old honor system. And that is so amazingly incredible even Mr. Ripley probably wouldn't believe it.





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