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Apr 15 - Apr 23, 2014

Wallenda Walk: Maziarz Got it Done but was Helped by Others

April 15, 2014

As Nik Wallenda's spectacular high wire act over the mighty Cataracts recedes from memory, and Wallenda himself has forsaken Niagara Falls for the crowds at Darien Lake (after coming to the realization that you can't fight City Hall), it seems as though everyone and his brother is seeking to credit themselves with playing some pivotal role in the once-in-a-lifetime event. 

In the coming weeks, the Niagara Falls Reporter plans to set the record straight for posterity and, hopefully, to mobilize those who helped the first time to lure him back to Niagara Falls. 

Of course, the one man who deserves the lion's share of credit for bringing Wallenda to Niagara Falls is state Sen. George Maziarz. 

Next in importance are Assemblymen John Ceretto and former Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak who sponsored the bill in the Assembly authorizing the historic walk.

Nonetheless, up until two days before the event, New York Parks threatened to pull the permits. According to Wallenda, "The U.S. side was just nasty to deal with."

Mayor Paul Dyster also fought Wallenda every inch of the way in an event that was turned into a cable television miniseries broadcast live around the world to an audience numbering in the hundreds of millions.

David Simone and his partner Winston Simone served as executive producers on both shows.

Today, since the day Wallenda walked in 2012, tourism is up in Niagara Falls, much like tourism went up following the release of the movie, "Niagara" in 1951, starring Marilyn Monroe.

The inside story of how this event was made possible, who helped and who harmed it, and who were just useful idiots, is a fascinating one. 

The cast includes many who worked behind the scenes such as lawyers Henry Wojtasek and John Bartolomei; County Legislators Dennis Virtuoso and Jason Zona; business association leaders Jim Szwedo and Ron Anderluh; engineer Peter Catchpole; businessman Joseph Anderson; Frank D'Agostino; Doreen O'Conner; Paul Grenga; Rick Gibas; B F Patel; Rick DiGregorio; Seneca Nation President Rob Porter; Catherine Walker, President and CEO of the Seneca Niagara Gaming Corp; Niagara Falls Redevelopment employee Roger Trevino; block club leaders Roger Spurback and Norma Higgs; council members Sam Fruscione and Bob Anderson; restaurateurs Lou Antonacci and Dominic Collucci; and others. 

The story is worth telling. It demonstrates how a community can work together for a common cause. 





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