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Will Dyster roll, roll, roll the heads at city hall or won’t he?

Six weeks ago the Reporter broke a story as to how Mayor Paul Dyster had served his department heads with letters requesting their loyalty in writing along with an updated resume. The department heads had to submit the resume if they hoped to keep their job for 2016.

Other media outlets picked up the story we broke. The Niagara Gazette wrote two editorials on the matter with their second editorial recently calling upon the mayor to retain the current corporation counsel, Craig Johnson, city controller, Maria Brown and police chief, Bryan DalPorto.

The mayor initially announced that he would have all anticipated personnel changes completed by the end of January. Friday the 29th was the final work day of the month and – cue the crickets – as of press time on Feb. 5, not a sound from the mayor as to pending personnel moves.

All of this high drama has caused the mayor to be re-named  “Hamlet on the Niagara” as he seemingly beats his breast in agony over as much as a single personnel move. Why the delay and drama? Why did Mayor Dyster request the resumes if he never intended to follow though on his administrative changes?

Who’s really calling the shots in city hall?

For a former college instructor and student of political science the mayor must not have read Rule #1 of crisis management: The more critical the move one has to make the faster the move must be made. Move and move on is the rule of an efficient political leader. Clearly that hasn’t been practiced here.

Just when you think you’ve seen everything this politically twisted city has to offer, something new always raises its unattractive head.

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