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Who was Keith Raniere in a past life? Cult leader claims he knows


In our Cult of NXIVM series, we have written, naturally enough, about Keith Raniere, the founder of NXIVM.

And we have reported a number of startling claims.

One of them is that Raniere has told several of his followers that they were reincarnated Nazis.

People have described NXIVM therapy sessions in which they were convinced they are “reincarnated Nazis.”

Raniere told his former girlfriend, Toni Natalie  that she was, in a previous life, Herman Goering, a leading member of Hitler’s Nazi Party.

According to a report in Metroland, as a result of therapy sessions with Raniere, Natalie says she became convinced that she had been responsible for the Nazi Holocaust.

One time, Natalie claims, a group of Raniere’s followers cornered her in her office.

A man in the group said to her, “Close your eyes. Close your eyes and hold out your hands.” She did as she was told and held out her hands, in which he placed a knife.

“And I said, ‘What’s this?’ ”

Natalie says that the man replied: “ ‘You should know, because that’s the knife you killed me with.’ ”

Raniere told Toni Natalie (below) that she was Herman Goering (above).

Raniere claims to remember his past lives and also those of his inner circle.

Natalie said she became convinced that she had been responsible in part for the Nazi Holocaust.

Raniere also told former girlfriend, Barabra Bouchey, that she was, in a previous life, the Nazi, Reinhard Heydrich, one of the main architects of the Holocaust.

Naturally a question arises: If Bouchey was Heydrich and Natalie was Goering, who was Raniere?

While we do not claim to know if any or all of these past life claims are Raniere’s pure baloney, or whether a number of his followers really were famous Nazi’s in past lives, as Raniere claims.

But we would guess that, if his present-life followers were Nazi top underlings, that it stands to reason that, in Raniere’s past life, he was their leader also.


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