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Western New York’s Beloved Fantasy Island to Reopen in 2021

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By: Staff Reporter

A treasure that many thought was lost has been given new life in Western New York. Empire Adventures has announced a plan to bring back Fantasy Island, located in Grand Island, New York, starting in 2021.

According to their website, “Empire Adventures is working hard on bringing back Fantasy Island, a defunct amusement park located on Grand Island, NY.”

Fantasy Island originally opened on July 1st, 1961, as a 12-acre, children’s oriented theme park. An expansion in the 1970’s made the park a reputable 75-acre summertime tradition that was enjoyed by millions of Western New York residents and tourists.

Unfortunately, after a long roller-coaster ride that included many highs and lows, Fantasy Island was permanently shuttered in February 2020.

Empire Adventure’s plans to “reimagine, revitalize, and reopen” Fantasy Island are laid out below:




Once things are set in stone, we plan to use the rest of 2020 to make necessary beautification efforts to park grounds, such as cleaning up the mess left by previous management.

In addition, we also plan on bringing in the initial line-up of new rides and attractions that will open with the park in May 2021.


We intend to reopen Fantasy Island in time for the summer of 2021. Our initial line-up of attractions will include the park’s famous wooden roller coaster, along with a wide selection of kids, family, and thrill rides.

Popular amenities, such as free parking and the ability to bring your own food and drinks into the park, will rightfully return.


As proven successful throughout the industry, we are currently working on a 5-year plan to introduce new rides and attractions annually, eventually transforming the park into a world-class regional attraction.

With Empire Adventures, you can be confident that Fantasy Island will always remain focused on providing a safe, quality, and family-friendly day of “Fun? WOW!”



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