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Who Wants to be the Next Mayor of Niagara Falls?

This is, most definitely, the article that many of you have been waiting all year for.

In less than twelve months from now, mayoral campaigns will be in full force as they march toward Primary Day, which, for those of you that are looking forward to such a date, will be September 10th, 2019.

It is therefore the Niagara Reporter’s honor to give you the run down of the top fifteen rumored candidates to seek the mayoral seat in 2019.


Our “illustrious” Mayor Paul Dyster, who was initially reported to not be seeking re-election to a fourth term as Mayor of Niagara Falls, is now rumored to be mulling over another run.


Former Niagara Falls City Councilwoman Kristen Grandinetti is also rumored to be planning a comeback campaign as she seeks to re-connect with city voters.

Current Niagara Falls Director of Community Development and Code Enforcement Seth Piccirillo has long been rumored to covet the position.

Many close to Councilman Ezra Scott have pushed the idea of him running for higher office. Will 2019 be the year?

It is believed that many in the City of Niagara Falls would welcome a run for Mayor by Councilman Kenny Tompkins. Although he has shot down any rumor that he desires the seat, 2019 is still a long ways off.

Niagara Falls Legislator Jason Zona, 5th District, has stated he will not seek another term in the county legislature, which would otherwise require him to run for re-election in 2019. Many have speculated he has had his eye on the mayoral position since he first ran to be a legislator.

Is Angelo Morinello the next Mayor of Niagara Falls? Many seem to think so and are, in fact, confident that it’s going to happen.

Serving in his first term in the New York State Assembly representing the 145th District, Assemblyman Morinello, a Republican, would first have to run for re-election to the Assembly seat in 2018 before running for Mayor in 2019.

The Assemblyman certainly has impressed in his first term and, despite being a republican, might be one of the front-runners in 2019.

Is it possible to be “the favorite” more than a year and a half before an election takes place? In Robert Restaino’s case, the answer is most defnitely yes.

An attorney, former Niagara Falls City Court Judge, and current Niagara Falls School Board member, Mr. Restaino is rumored to have long waited for the right time to run for Mayor.

Second time’s a charm?

Former Niagara Falls City Councilman, and Mayoral candidate in 2015 who lost a Primary Election to Paul Dyster by less than 100 votes, Glenn Choolokian is reportedly thinking about giving it another go.

Mr. Choolokian was a write-in candidate, garnering around 1,300 votes. Some say he played spoiler in the general election between Paul Dyster and John Accardo.

Robert Pascoal, a former Niagara Falls Mayoral and Niagara Falls City Council Candidate, is also rumored to seek another bite at the apple in 2019.

With his strong business background, and common sense approach to governance, next time around might be the right one.

Former Mayor of Niagara Falls Vince Anello, and current host of “The Vince Anello Show” on WJJL, has become increasingly frustrated with mismanagement of taxpayer funds by the Dyster administration and people close to the former Mayor believe another run could be in the cards.

Columnist for the Niagara Gazette and community activist Ken Hamilton has long been viewed by many in the community as a potential leader of the city.

Former City of Niagara Falls Controller Maria Brown is rumored to be seeking a return to City Hall.

Ms. Brown worked in City Hall for sixteen years and under multiple administrations, but was removed in 2016 after reportedly standing up to Paul Dyster’s spending practices.

Former Niagara Falls City Council Candidate Sam Archie, whose campaign slogan was “It’s about your money,” has not ruled out the possibly of making a run at the mayoral seat.

Archie has served as vice president of Cataract Lodge 240, been a local little league coach and an officer in Hyde Park Little League baseball and is a “proud Freemason.”

Too soon?

Some people don’t seem to think so. Niagara Falls City Councilman Bill Kennedy was voted onto the City Council in 2017 as the top vote-getter in the election.

Although shooting down any speculation of a possible run, there are certainly more than a few people who believe a run could possibly be in the works.

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