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What I want done in New York State

By Mickey Mouse

(ed. note: The following was sent to us by a reader. The content seemed worthy of publication even if we have some doubt whether it was written by someone actually named Mickey Mouse.)

I am a frequent reader of the Reporter and think it is the leading weekly publication in WNY.

As you are most assuredly aware, New York States’ 20 year cycle of voting on a Constitutional Convention is coming up November 8th, 2017. The option to vote either yea or nay on whether or not to hold a Constitutional Convention will be on the State ballot next year.

Every 20 years, the state constitution requires a statewide referendum on whether to convene a constitutional convention. The next vote will be November 7, 2017.

I will be voting ‘yea.’ There are too many problems in New York that cannot be ignored any longer:

  1. Ending retirement benefits for convicted State officials. If you do the time, you shall lose your dime.
  2. Changing how New York divvies up electoral votes. This area is overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of liberal voters downstate, especially New York City’s five boroughs.

Our votes, typically a conservative vote, are muted by millions of liberal voters downstate. We need to change the Electoral College process from “winner take all” to a “some for me and some for you” process.

  1. Ending current contracts with the NYPA. How dare they take the majority of our biggest natural resource, hydroelectricity, and send it elsewhere, without any (marginal) benefit to us here.
  2. Stopping automatic appointment of people who control important aspects of our lives. Our current government has too much power over things that matter most. One person, the Governor, allowed to appoint, at will, whomever he/she pleases, is not acceptable, especially in this current corrupt system.
  3. Possibly separating downstate and upstate. Not secession, although that has crossed my mind, but redistricting. Two separate entities falling under one umbrella.

I believe that 99.9% of the people in this state do not know they have the right, every 20 years, to vote for a Constitutional Convention. We need to educate and inform the people. After that the people can make their own choice.

Never is a word spoken publicly about this right that New York State voters have.  Knowledge is power, knowledge is what the powers that be, do not like.

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