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Two North Tonawanda Boys Heralded for Heroic Action in Brutal Assault of a Teenage Girl

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By: Staff Reporter

The City of North Tonawanda is still in awe after a brutal assault captured on video this week. The incident, which occurred on Wednesday, July 1st, 2020, took place at North Tonawanda High School and involved three teenage girls allegedly assaulting a 14-year-old girl.

The video, which has spread across social media, was captured on Snapchat by another teenage girl.

In the video, which spans about one minute and twenty second (link here:, you can see the three girls taking turns punching, kicking, and slapping the victim. There is also mention in the video, and police have confirmed subsequently, that urine was also thrown on the girl.

The video is truly horrific to watch.



However, the incidents which unfolded would have been much worse if not for the actions of Anthony Swan and Simon Griskonis.

Swan and Griskonis, two members of the North Tonawanda wrestling team, are being commended for stepping in and breaking up the attack the was unfolding. According to witnesses, both young men ran to the victims aid after she was being beaten, kicked, punched, and slapped by at least three other teenage girls.

It is believed that the assault would have continued if not for the brave actions of these two young men.

The North Tonawanda Police Department released a statement on Friday, July 3rd, 2020, stating that the investigation is ongoing and that the North Tonawanda School District is also involved as the incident happened on school grounds and all participants are students.



The Niagara Reporter released a news story on Saturday, July 4th, 2020, detailing that sources inside of the North Tonawanda Police Department believe the three teenagers seen attacking the victim will be charged in addition the individual recording it on her phone.

The Niagara Reporter will keep you updated as additional information becomes available.


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