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Toxic PFASs Dumped into the Niagara River for 15 more Years? Tell Polluters, No Way!


Three months ago the Reporter broke the story that millions of gallons of run-off containing a family of toxic compounds collectively called PFASs are being shipped into Western New York from a garbage dump in the Finger Lakes, for “treatment” and discharge into the Niagara River.

PFASs have been shown to cause a host of human ailments and diseases, including ulcerative colitis, thyroid dysfunction, testicular and kidney cancers, pregnancy-induced hypertension and lowered human fertility rates. The Buffalo Sewer Authority, which receives and processes the waste from, and we kid you not, the inaptly-named Seneca Meadows landfill located in the town of Seneca Falls, lacks the technology to filter out most of the PFAS waste before it goes into the Niagara River.

So far, Gov. Kathy Hochul, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, and the whole gamut of government officials who are directly or indirectly responsible for protecting our drinking water which comes from the Niagara River, including the Buffalo and Niagara Falls City Councils, our state legislators and the state DEC, have shown no interest in addressing this concerning situation.

That’s probably because, according to News 4 Investigates, which “reviewed hundreds of documents obtained through two Freedom of Information law requests… found that being the welcome mat for (Seneca Meadows) landfill leachate has earned the Buffalo Sewer Authority at least $5.6 million in revenue over the past three years.”

The Seneca Falls Town Board is considering a new Host Community Agreement with Texas-based Waste Connections, which runs Seneca Meadows, that could extend the life of NY’s largest landfill beyond its planned closure date of 2025, bringing in more profit to the town and the Buffalo Sewer Authority, in exchange for polluting the Niagara River for 15 more years.

The grassroots organization that is spearheading opposition to the expansion, Seneca Lake Guardians, urges each and every one of us – from Seneca Falls and beyond – to attend the Seneca Falls Town Board meeting on Tuesday, September 5 at 5:30 p.m at the Seneca Falls Community Center located at 35 Water Street. There will be a demonstration in front of the building prior to the meeting beginning at 6:00pm.


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