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By J Gary DiLaura

Retired FBI Agent Offers Apology From ‘Silenced’ FBI Agents To America for Current FBI Director

It seems that certain people are worried that Donald Trump will become President! They are worried for different yet similar reasons and are going all out to stop him! Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and their staffs are very concerned that when Donald Trump becomes President he will bring them to justice for Treason, Espionage, Hobbs Act, Destruction of Government Property, Obstruction of Justice and many more crimes they have committed against the United States! FBI Director James Comey is worried that Obama will retaliate against him if the FBI pushes to prosecute Hillary!

For Obama and Hillary you can stop worrying about that, as I can pretty much assure you that you will be brought to justice by Trump, when he becomes President! You will be indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced! For Comey (don’t worry, Obama), after Trump is elected, will very likely be prosecuted and sent to a safe haven where he can’t hurt you, I promise!

In many ways, law enforcement’s hands are tied by this Presidential administration and the joke we call the Department of Justice (DOJ)! FBI Agents of old had to work cases that gave them a type of criminal investigative experience and a toughness, from arrests and dangerous raid experience that agents don’t get today! They do not work fugitive cases like Unlawful Flight, Escape Federal Prisoners; they don’t work the volume of Violent Crimes like Bank Robbery, on a regular day to day basis! That’s not their fault, it’s the nature of their work! This has definitely caused a “change” in the FBI and the approach to case solving! Good or bad …I don’t know but… one thing I do know is that James Comey, the Director, has absolutely proven to me that he lacks the intestinal fortitude that made the FBI the greatest law enforcement agency in the world! He is wrong in what he said and didn’t do, in the Hillary Clinton investigations!

Regarding the issue of intent, the laws on intent to destroy, carry away, conceal, and mutilate Federal Records (whether classified or not) are very clear in several Sections of Title 18! There has to be intent to “destroy, carry away, mutilate,etc”, versus “accidental” destruction and mutilation and NOT a criminal intent to cover up another  crime! The mere compromising of government records “intentionally” and not by “accident”, like a house fire, is the violation! Destroying documents that are under subpoena by Congress is a crime, period!

How could using a personal, unsecured, unauthorized, device, server or anything, other than the approved and required Government Device and Server, be used without the” intention” to conceal from her employer, us? With all of Hillary’s claimed executive experience in government, there is absolutely no way she could successfully claim “unintentional” as a defense! How could 30,000 emails, that she directed be destroyed, have been destroyed accidentally? The most important fact is this, the law does not allow her to discriminate between “personal” and “official” once SHE declared her private and personal email system to be the “Official” system she chose to use as Secretary Of State, it’s ALL official!!

Hillary Clinton and FBI Director James Comey. Says Hillary, “If he gets out of line, can’t we just drone him?” (BTW could you imagine what the mainstream media would have done had Trump spoken of “droning” someone (i.e murdering your enemy?)

But the most egregious part of Director Comey’s “interference”, in the Federal rules of Criminal procedure, is that it is NOT his decision, nor the Attorney Generals’ or the President’s decision on whether or not to indict! It is the 23 person Federal Grand Jury’s’ decision. That’s our rule of law! After all the evidence presented by Comey, making the case for PC to refer the matter to a Grand Jury, he “interferes” in the Federal Rules by telling America his influential opinion to “NOT prosecute” rather than saying,”It is the  Federal Law that directs  that a Grand Jury make the decision whether or not to indict!”

What is Comey AFRAID of, or… RATHER, who? That’s very clear, isn’t it?

I’ll repeat…neither the FBI Director, the AG, nor the President determines if someone should be held for trial. It’s the Grand Jury’s decision, by law!

If someone threatened the FBI Director if the Director were to make a bad “recommendation” and the FBI Director bowed to the threat, then he’s a coward and should go get a safer job like selling used cars! The oath he took as FBI Director is bigger than his desire for job preservation or political advancement!

Mr. Comey, if you were intimidated, man up and go public!

An idiot can tell there is PC to refer to the Grand Jury!

To America, for the FBI Agents who can’t speak out  …I APOLOGIZE!

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