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The Right Side: End Gun Violence By Enforcing Existing Laws

The Right Side - J. Gary DiLaura

The Right Side


By J. Gary DiLaura, Retired FBI Agent

You know there comes a time when you get sick and tired of hearing the same things…gun control…buybacks…reduce penalties…open the jails and release the lesser offenders…increase gun control!? Pure insanity, my opinion.

If you really want to stop gun violence, violence in general… look at the who, what, where, and when!

Pick a city…how about Obama’s “home city” and state, and what Democraps consider the “safest City” in the country…for real, I just heard that from the lips of an elected, Democrap, Chicago official at the NY Congressional hearing on Justice in NYC!?

Who committed the “violent crimes in 2020 and 2021” in Chicago?

According to statistics released by the Chicago Police Department, 80% of ALL violent crimes were committed by Black folks in 2020 and again 80% in 2021! The same report shows about 3% were similarly committed by whites and 15% by White/Hispanic (whatever that is)! Now to further see if that could possibly be correct, I looked at Victimology, Volume: 8 Issue: 3-4 Dated: (1983) Pages: 161-169, Author(s), A F Poussain, Date Published 1983, Length, 9 pages;


Black homicide rates are seven to eight times those of whites though Blacks have a rate of poverty only four to five times that of whites.


“Today homicide is the leading cause of death among young Black men, and contributes significantly to the shortened life-span of the Black male. In about 80-90% of the cases, the Black victim was killed by another Black, and about 52% of the murder victims were acquainted with their assailant…”

That was 40 years ago! So what’s changed?! You are correct…it’s even worse today!

I didn’t go further because it gets worst and I believe I made my point. Also it is pretty common knowledge that as valiant as she may be, 85% of all Black males are raised by either a single mom or a Grand Mother…a ONE parent family. That places an unbearable burden on the Mothers and Grand Mothers of black males and is, in my opinion, the biggest and most difficult part of the violence issue…you see GUN CONTROL HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GUN VIOLENCE, my opinion! Now the Mothers do carry some responsibility…about 50% …but most, as I said , do the best they can.

Look at what, then Mayor, Rudy Giuliani did in NYC. I knew Rudy and worked with him when I was an Agent in the NYO, on Bank Robberies. I brought him his first Bank Robbery case for authorization and he did authorize the arrest. Rudy instituted the Stop and Frisk law which absolutely works. You see here’s how that works…a Police Officer gains experience ,savvy, as they work the streets and, from their experience, can detect  many very suspicious situations…if you let them! They look at actions, body language, rapidity,  heavy objects in a pocket, dozens of things human nature provide us…common sense…allow them to use it!

So if the PD notices a suspicious car with 4 black males driving around with no apparent purpose, dressed with hoods, stopping to observe convenient stores, for example. The Police are well within the law to stop and frisk all the occupants in that car! Let us say they find an illegal gun or 2 or 4…what should happen? All 4 should be charged with felony gun possession, in the least and ALL should be denied any bail on the gun charge! We know what they were up to…don’t we? But we can’t charge, “being at the scene where a crime is about to be committed.” So throw the book at them for everything you can find!  They intended to rob, assault, commit a violent crime and possibly death or injury to an innocent person…that’s a fact and not supposition!

What should happen versus what will happen…THAT is the problem and not gun control… because there are both Federal Firearms Laws and local laws on the books RIGHT NOW to put all 4 in jail for many years…depending on their previous records.

But that won’t happen! What will happen is every single one, minor or adult’ will be OR’d , set free, to mommy or nobody! What makes the determination?

First is the city! If it’s any city with George Soros’ elected District Attorneys, AGs or Mayors…they walk…even if they have 14-20 arrests, even with minor convictions and time.

What IS on the books, for example… let’s say “1” of these guys has a felony conviction, he can be charged Federally with being a convicted felon in a vehicle with a gun, ANY GUN. If that gun has traveled, at any time in its “life,” in interstate commerce (for example, stamped with Made in Conn, and the arrest is NY, there is a judicial assumption that it did travel in interstate commerce). Those charges cannot be served concurrently and must be served consecutively after ALL the time for being in a car or house with a gun… AND… the FFL time is mandatory, depending on his record! That time is not judicially determined! So if he gets 1-3 for an illegal gun and 1 year add on he must serve 4 years without parole or probation! The more felony convictions he has…the higher the FFL add-on time! Do you think that would slow down gun crimes? AND those laws are on the book NOW!

BUT, that all takes work, time, money, and a trial, and the left will not do it. In fact, most US Attorneys will not allow any Fed gun charges, they ADD ON time. The bleeding hearts say it’s too much!

So what the hell good does it do to make more laws, control more guns, and harm the majority of all those millions of us legal carriers?

Punish the criminals, and they are very easy to spot…they act like criminals, hang with criminals, and according to any stats you want to check…most are minorities…and if you believe that what I said is racist, then do like Al Gore does, just have all the Agencies/Statisticians that provide the stats, to be more fair…lie, cheat…it’s what some do best when talking about Climate Change and Fossil fuel!!!

That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it!

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