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By J Gary Dilaura

In any investigation there is a subject or subjects with one or more being a main subject. When you encounter a single subject case, the investigation is generally more difficult. If there are 10, 15 or more subjects, the investigation becomes easier because each one is ALSO a potential witness. You can usually give up one to get to the main subject(s)! However, prosecutors were NEVER eager to give up prosecutions and we always had to FIGHT to give “immunity”, unlike today’s DOJ! We had to be very selective and NEVER, EVER gave out immunity like candy! There had to be a “proffer” by the defense attorney to let us know what his client “might” be able to give us! We never took a shot in the dark and NEVER let another witness sit in on another subject’s interview!

Smart investigators, after getting a good feel for the case, will pick someone who has “no horse in the race”, someone who is just doing what he was told and was paid for his services but is not a main player. This person is usually easier to “crack” because he/she has the least to gain by remaining loyal and EVERYTHING to lose! He’s the one to pull all stops to build a case against and really “jam” up! That means you look at ALL aspects of his life and find his Achilles heel.

If you have a choice for a man or woman to target, go after the male as women are usually smarter, more loyal and harder to break! That’s my opinion and some may differ, however, I was very successful. The FBI was always big on statistics such as arrests, convictions, cases solved, recoveries and more. I led every squad I was ever on in stats, many times, and it was because I followed common sense, experience, was a tough investigator and never gave up!

The FBI should have targeted, with a vengeance, the people who set up, worked on, were involved in the server and email and on the fringes as well as destruction, etc and NOT employed by the government. That also includes the “attorneys” for the subjects. I arrested many “attorneys” in my career and that includes several we caught with stolen proceeds straight from a bank robbery! They should have built a case against the weak link, got enough probable cause to get an arrest and search warrants and then taken the strong case to the AG, on the non-government employee, player and threaten to go public if she refuses to authorize. How could the AG decline on a non-staffer, non-government employee, who destroyed documents that they shouldn’t have even seen? I would NEVER have given Hillary’s staff immunity the way they did, that was foolish and unnecessary! Miles, Sullivan and the rest ALL had emails that are in violation of our laws! Hillary’s staff would have gladly handed up the guys who deleted emails, saying that they emailed notice of the orders to keep them!

The FBI Director  really blew it and left himself “no way out” by agreeing, in the first place, to take the responsibility to  have the last word when Comey knew he didn’t have the guts, the balls, the heart or the willingness (whatever you want to call it) … to take a stand against Obama! He knew, in his heart, that he couldn’t/wouldn’t take a stand to prosecute Hillary for whatever reason and he NEVER should have let the AG off the hook! If he’s an attorney, he knew it’s the Grand Jury’s decision and NO ONE ELSE’s!!! Why the hell would he allow himself to be put in that situation? Is he that stupid? Is he the only one on the planet that didn’t know Obama is afraid of Trump?

This is NOT Monday morning quarterbacking either folks. I knew Comey didn’t have the “WILLINGNESS” to take a stand and on 6-21-16 I sent Comey an email, through Buffalo SAC Cohen, urging Comey to hook up with the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, with his evidence,  seeking support to begin impeachment proceedings  against AG Lynch should SHE decline prosecution! I NEVER even gave a thought that Comey would chicken out on the FBI!

The FBI made so many mistakes I am going to stop with this last observation. When Hillary said she never received any training on the handling of classified information, SHE LIED TO THE FBI and when she said she can’t remember “anything” because of her “severe concussion”, why didn’t the interviewing Agents “refresh” her memory with the Non Disclosure Agreement she signed, and which leaves NO WAY OUT, WHATSOEVER, FOR ANYONE WHO SIGNS…ABSOLUTELY NONE!!! That’s a clear violation of Title 50 USC, Sec 783b… it’s not defensible and disqualifies her from public office!!! If she wanted to claim “mental incapacity due to a TBI”, why didn’t you ask for all her medical records? That’s a “lose/lose” position for her, you idiots… she’s too mentally impaired to be prosecuted but okay to be President? WTF?

Item#2 in the agreement she signed on 1-22-09, states, “I acknowledge that I have received indoctrination regarding the nature and protection of classified information”! She also likely violated Sections 641,794,798,952,1924 and 2071 of Title 18 USC.



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