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THE CRIME NF: November 6th, 2019, Edition of the Niagara Reporter Newspaper

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-Niagara Falls Police responded to the 2200 block of Niagara Avenue in the late evening hours of Wednesday, October 30th, 2019, after reports of shots fired. According to police, a vehicle and a house were struck by the bullets. Police say six casings were recovered from the alley between Ontario and Niagara Avenue. No injuries were reported and police are continuing to investigate the incident. 

-Niagara Falls Police and Fire responded to the 500 block of Tronolone Place after reports of a structure fire. According to police, witnesses stated that the incident started as a domestic as they could hear screaming and yelling. Although police are continuing to investigate the incident, they believe the male assaulted the female occupant with a knife before setting the home on fire. The male was arrested at the scene. 

-Niagara Falls Police executed a warrant on the 1800 block of Michigan Avenue in the afternoon hours of Thursday, October 31st, 2019. The warrant allowed police to remove three dogs that lived, according to the warrant, in deplorable conditions. In addition to living in deplorable conditions, the dogs were also not licensed with the City of Niagara Falls. The owner was issued an appearance ticket to appeaer in Niagara Falls City Court. 

-Three Niagara Falls males – Johnny L. Mulkey, Garrien F. Tillman, and Julian G. Seright – were indicted last week stemming from a shootout that occurred in front of Players Bar on Niagara Street back in June.

-Niagara Falls Police responded to the 1500 block of Willow Avenue in the evening hours of Friday, November 1st, 2019, after reports of a one-vehicle crash. According to police, a went up onto a curb, ran over a sign, bounced off a tree and landed back on the road. All occupants in the vehicle took off running after the crash leaving behind a variety of drugs inside the vehicle. Police believe the car was stolen, but are continuing to investigate the incident. 

-Niagara Falls Police responded to the area of 9th and Pine in the evening hours of Saturday, November 2nd, 2019, after reports of a man walking down the street with a sword threatening to kill people. 


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