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SoleTurn Videography Is Just Amazing; Creativity Galore

By Tony Farina

If you admire creativity, and that includes in your music, the rock band SoleTurn delivers on all counts.

Take for example the eclipse videography they put together while enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime celestial event just last Monday when the solar eclipse was there for all to see.

Commander of SoleTurn, Vik Bhargava, prepares for takeoff


This is the same rock group that sold out at Sportsmen’s Tavern last month and now has plenty of gigs coming up thanks to their strong connection to the people they entertain.

SoleTurn entertaining a sold out show at Sportsmen’s in Buffalo, NY


As an example of their amazing creative ability, check out the “Eclipse” videography attached to this story that they put together at a private lakeside residence on solar eclipse day.

Vik, Zac and Mister Bones take a break from playing to enjoy the solar eclipse (Photo by Paul VanRyzin)


“I’m very proud of what we were able to put together for the eclipse,” said Vik Bhargava, lead vocalist of the group who was joined by bass player Zachary Michael on a lakefront stage as the eclipse happened.

SoleTurn’s creativity is eclipsed only by their musicianship (Photo by Paul VanRyzin)


The videography needs no words to describe the incredible moment.  Check it out.



SoleTurn’s next show on Lake Erie



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