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Social Class Stratification Defined Clearly in Niagara Falls

By Gerald Skrlin

Stratification and Social Class

      America’s Problem Defined Clearly in Niagara Falls, NY

Many do not believe a class structured society exists in the USA. American Political culture has done a good job convincing us we are all equal!

It is patriotic, and rewarding, to think and feel that way, however, social science information states there is great inequality, even more so than in many other countries throughout the world!

The realist point of view here relies on sound, firm, and even popularly known healthy outlooks embraced by millions about what the world is like living in the Land of the Free and the Brave; in practice, the wealthy control.

I have labeled this discourse  “An Experiment in American Political Culture.”

Hyenas at work!  Puck, a wonder of American free speech!

Seeing strong patriotic ties Americans embrace, American culture has taken on new characteristics, and among them is a growing nation-wide under-class political emergence movement activists bent on having their voices heard, and changing the way things are for better!

If it is for better, it’s good! But some members of society will have to go with less.

Think of it this way, if a company says “We lost $20. Million this year.” Did it go in the hole for $20 million? Statistically highly unlikely; ‘most likely,’ they mean they didn’t earn what they expected to earn, like 20, instead of 40.

Lester Thurrow a famed economist who wrote the Zero Sum Game explained that our society goes by the capitalist principle that in order to gain, others have to loose! That is true for a baseball game. Each inning totals the final tally, it’s not like if one team gets 7 home runs and the other four each can have their tally!

At the end of the game the tallies  are totalled and the one with the most inning-winnings tallies wins and gets all the booty! 

       That is a Zero Sum Game   –   winner takes all!    –

                 and American society embraces it!

To rethink former assumptions, I must check my-self!  To believe in a political scientific assumption that, ‘all systems will fail’ leads me to assume progressive political adjustment of our human nature demonstrates political activity a product of human evolution; and I assume very little can be done to thwart its progress.

We rely on our observations to demonstrate the reality of present conditions, as Kimmel and Arnson bring out in their college textbook, “Sociology Now”, which can be found in the Niagara County Community College book-store.

It states  Americans are divided into different social class stratification!”

Kimmel and Arnson go further to suggest, “American cultural inability to “see,” helps class persist. But a national phenomenon occurring in city halls throughout the nation demonstrates lower class political participants bursting through educational containment, and political machine contro!

In the Niagara Falls, the political rich have quite difficult times understanding such ‘emergent behavior’ upon their nephew-tistic value program they all subscribe to!

Khaneman, like Kimmel and Arnson also refers to

                                   ‘power blindness,’

     “people can be blind to their own blindness’ ”

“The system of structured social inequality  in a society is called

            “Social Stratification.”

Moving from one strata to another is called, Social Mobility. 

“sociologists have proven social mobility only occurs in a few societies, and it is not common anywhere.”       Kimmel and Arnson

In Niagara rich elite have cooperated closely with the Board of Elections and Democrat party members who collaborate to carry out abusive controlling methods, defamation and labelling and even outright malicious prosecution; part and parcel to their Political Iron Triangle perpetuation.

But for rich people to lable  the poor people socialists?    …  the debate goes on!

Our local politicians have tried to silence free speech – didn’t work!

         People stood up against Touma and the Gran-doughnutti!

This study centers on researching identifying racial and ethnic inequalities in a systems theory understanding. In simple terms, systems theory offers a suggested base of reasoning allowing application of open and acceptable attitudes toward criticism and objection.

It encourages dialogue.

Educated poor are now demonstrating new superior systems reasoning methods, offering dialogue  and application of newly applied discoveries in a systematic manner that reduces contention and at the same time promotes positive solutions through openness and truthful intention to come to friendly agreements through dialogue!

This report cites ethnic and racial factors contribute directly to the down-graded condition the city suffers; coming to conclusive assumptions that: Upper class social discrimination, and overly active disenfranchisement of lower class political participation has created a Systemic effect, an adverse effect that affects the body ( city ) as a whole, rather than one part. Racial and ethnic prejudice against middle and lower middle class participation in politics has thwarted progressive politics in Niagara for decades. 

Continual attempts to thwart lower middle class participants participation are endemic, habitual, and even accepted as what is necessary to do to maintain control by governance. Robert Restaio said of his opposition Glenn Chocoloquian, “Who is more qualified to govern?” 

Local Democrat Party leadership has demonstrated extreme callous behavior to fellow active participatory democrats; those offended are not taking it lightly!!!! Both city and county Democrat party leadership have demonstrated their  prejudice against under-class activists, who refuse to accept a party endorsement as significant in light of open attempts of Mayoral and Party committee members to disenfranchise educated poor!

World Goes Round in Circles and History Repeats

Systems Theory welcomes opposition, in that it would state, “ Come, let’s sit down at the table and talk!” Even God said that in the bible, Come, let us reason together!” You are a Democrat, so am I or Republican the same, we need a country to live in shall we live in peace?

Millionaire political elite legally bully Middle Class, Working Class and Lower Middle Class political aspirants, pushing them out to maintain power!

Such grave insults to the public conscience, and government, demonstrates instead of representing, according to American political culture theory, the product produced by the rich elite is the reality we face at the present time!

The poor are now educated!

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