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Signs Of The Times: Rough Road Signs are Easier to Install Than Fixing Rough Road


Despite having an unprecedented $180 million in casino revenue to spend, the administration of Mayor Paul Dyster has hardly kept up with paving the rough roads in this dwindling city of now about 40,000 people.
Niagara Falls is unhappily officially the highest taxed city in New York State and New York State is the highest taxed state in America making the Falls a wonder of the nation, if not the world.
On top of that, it has the greatest natural hydro power in the world and is a small city that gets eight million tourists a year – all with money in their pockets – and somehow manages to be broke – again qualifying it as a world wonder.

Despite the scores of millions Mayor Paul Dyster has had at his disposal over the last eight years of casino cash he has not been able to fix the roads very well here as anybody who drives around here can easily verify..

While he may spend millions on Hard Rock concerts, parties and events on Old Falls St, and giveaways on Third Street to campaign contributors, he – rather tan fix the rough roads- he puts up signs warning motorists that there are rough roads ahead.

One would think that in the time that it takes to make the sign and installed it you might just fix the rough road instead.

But at least he has the grace to warn motorists of the rough road ahead even if he can’t get around to fixing it.

By the way these photos are of Portage Road near Pine – one of the main thoroughfares of the city.

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