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This Is Very Serious And Very Upsetting Stuff!!

by J. Gary DiLaura

On January 22, 2009 Hillary Rodham Clinton signed a “Sensitive Compartmented Information Nondisclosure Agreement”, which was witnessed by 2 FBI Agents who explained, in details all the aspects of the laws and consequences for violating ANY of the provisions. This document, in its’ entirety, is available on line. When she was appointed to Secretary Of State, she swore to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

As we all know there is an extensive FBI investigation underway with Hillary Clinton as the SUBJECT, of the biggest investigation of any politician in American history, in my opinion. This IS NOT “just” an investigation into Hillary’s emails, as the mainstream press and Hillary would have us believe!  It started as such, but VERY quickly turned into a very serious Criminal investigation of the former Secretary Of State and her extremely “questionable” activities! The mainstream press is fully aware of everything but has NOT reported honestly nor completely. This is the “STORY” of the century and you would NEVER know it by the dishonest press!

In mid 2014, the Congressional Committee investigating the American Embassy attack asked

The State Department for Hillary’s emails relating to Benghazi. That’s when the State Department claimed that “they just learned” Hillary didn’t have a “State” email address but instead had an unauthorized personal email. The State Dept then requested Hillary to turn over ALL her emails. In Dec 2014 she turned over 30,490 claiming “that’s it,” except for the 31,830 that SHE determined , were personal. During the review of these emails it was determined that  there were numerous emails between her and a person by the name of Sydney Blumenthal, who turned out to be a close friend, confidant of the Clintons and an employee of The Clinton Foundation. He was brought in before the committee in June 2015 with 60 emails with Hillary, 15 of which Hillary never turned over. The State Department then turned over 1500 more emails. Remember she said over and over she turned in ALL work related emails! Some 23

messages between Clinton and Blumenthal contained classified info. That’s between Hillary and someone NOT entitled to classified info!

 In March 2015 it was published that Hillary used a personal email, exclusively. In August 2015, the FBI opened a Criminal investigation with Hillary THE SUBJECT. As I reported 2 years ago, it is a criminal act for her to conduct government business on any, unsecured, unapproved, unauthorized device, period. Other criminal acts depends upon what exactly she sent, said, received and to whom and how classified the info was.

On March 4, 2015 the committee issued a subpoena for Hillary’s emails and a preservation order on all related materials. In March Hillary revealed for the first time that she deleted over 30,000 “ personal” emails.

Many criminal violations and possible violations, on the part of Clinton, of US Classified Information Acts, have been uncovered but one of the most serious and offensive things to surface is this : In March 2013, a Romanian hacker, who went by Guccifer, hacked into Blumenthal’s’ AOL account and released 4 Benghazi related emails between Clinton and Blumenthal.

One of those emails details the role SAUDI ARABIA played in the funding of the attack on the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya!! That’s why Guccifer was given immunity by DOJ based upon the FBI request! Saudi Arabia…our ally?! The same Saudi Arabia that the 19 killers of 3,000 innocent Americans on 9-11-01 came from? Yup…that one! The same that Obama bowed to? The same Saudi Arabia that I believe funded Obama’s “post graduate” tour of Muslim nations and where Obama’s true loyalty lies. Yup…that one!


Saudi Arabia donated between 10 and 25 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation before and after Hillary was Secretary of Defense, NOT during, because THAT would be too obvious!!! If Hillary “dropped a dime” on the Saudis, her money stream would have dried up!

I believe that this is the reason Hillary destroyed those emails and why she deserted our people in

Benghazi and I also believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Now we know why no help was sent!  AND we will ultimately learn why “Obama and Hillary” destabilized Libya and allowed ISIS to take their oil. It’s going to get really bloody, I believe! Who else is involved ? What else did she do? What’s her real involvement in the Russian Uranium deal, which was set up by the founder of the Clinton Foundation?? How much does Obama know?!

Just like Blumenthal, the rest of the “rats”, like Mills, Abedin, Jarrett, et al will desert the ship and Hillary Clinton will fall. If Obama does as I suspect he will, that is, to try to give her “absolution”, he and Loretta Lynch will both fall!!!


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