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Retirees from Niagara Falls City Schools Celebrated with Motorcade

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By: Reporter Staff

Retiring teachers and faculty from Niagara Falls City Schools were honored on Wednesday, June 10th, 2020, with a motorcade parade.


The line of cars was wrapped around the entire athletic area.


More than 200 vehicles waited their turn to drive by and honk their horns and shout congratulatory messages. Dozens of cars were decorated from top to bottom and others made signs to show their appreciation.



The retirees in attendance for the event were: Toni Baratta, Linda Blake, Lisa Bolea, Elizabeth Canada, Gina Carbin, Christine Crooks, Deborah Deuro-Naughton, Linda Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Mary Ann Kramer, Patricia Krolewski, Marie Muoio, Linda SilveSilvestri, Maria Taylor, Yolanda Williamson, Tina Smeal and Jim Spanbauer.



The atmosphere was a joyous one as residents, family, and friends celebrated the careers of those who dedicated it to children.



Retirees were seen dancing to music, using super soakers to squirt passing vehicles, and reflecting on memories throughout their careers.

The Niagara Reporter thanks them for their service to this community.


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