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Registered Sex Offender Tells Hudson to ‘Take a Plunge off of Niagara Falls’

(The letter to the Editor below is unsigned and came from the email address,


Your article about sex offender is dead wrong and at worse hate speech in which stokes fear and paranoia to the public with false facts.

There have been many target killings, beating, arson and theft to sex offenders by just looking them up on the registry, yet no one seems to care.

I am a registered sex offender. I had consensual sex with a http://southbuffalonews.com5 year old girl when I was 2 For example if she was just 2 months older, yes 2 (a blink of the eye in time)  i would have committed no crime. At the time my crime was not a crime in Canada nor anywhere in Europe, Mexico or most of the developed world.

Paul Walker the actor who recently passed away started dating his wife when she was http://southbuffalonews.com6 and he was 30, yet he is a national hero.  John Walsh the man responsible for the sex offender registries through the Adam Walsh act began dating his current wife when she was http://southbuffalonews.com7 and he also 30. He would have had to register in new York under today laws in the state. My point being there is a very thin grey line between a sex offender and someone who is not.

You say all sex offenders are perverts and molest children and can’t be cured? How come then they have by far the lowest recidivism rate of any group?

With all the laws against me and with dumb idiot reporters like Mike Hudson I have managed to open up two successful restaurants, complete my bachelors degree, become married to a beautiful intelligent woman, I have many friends and family who http://southbuffalonews.com00% support me and love me. I give back to my community and contribute, yet sometimes I wonder why should I?

With all the hate and news laws being directed at sex offenders, what incentive do I have to become better and contribute to society? I have none, society has constantly beat me down and tried to force me into a Jewish-like ghetto. I wonder why any sex offender would do any good in society?  But yet amazingly since I have strong morals, am a good person, I fight on. I made a mistake but a mistake I have more then been punished for, I am continually being punished no matter what good I do.

I have no attraction to children or even desire a younger women like most men do, i made a mistake but not a mistake that destroyed anyone’s life.

You say sex offenders drive down property values but ask any of my neighbors if they enjoy living next to me and they would say yes. Not all sex offenders are weirdos, perverts, predators, a lot are none of those.

I always find it ironic that people who hate sex offenders the most have there own demons they hide from. I think Mike Hudson probably has quite a few secrets in his closest. You remember senator Haskell and Foley, the two other main characters behind sex offender registries?, well, guess what, they should be on them.

So Mike Hudson do us all a favor and go take a plunge off of Niagara Falls, maybe it will knock some sense into you.

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