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People’s Voice Edition: Niagara Falls Pothole Killer Kickoff Postponed

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Dave Hathaway:

“So he wants to put band aids on the potholes again. Just fix something right the first time for once.”

Matt Lolo:

“Everybody will mourn that big waste of money, absolutely ridiculous ! Stop using low-grade asphalt and we won’t have these problems as often.”

John Orefice:

“I drove down town and on Goat Island. Sorry to say what a joke the streets are. All the Main Roads have pot holes that are ridiculous. Not only for the residents but the tourists. Fix the roads. If I was a tourist, I would not drive on our roads. No wonder we have a bad name. Do the job right, not with patches that look like crap and don’t hold up. I’m really ashamed of the city.”

Shawn Levick:

“There are things we can do as a community and there are things we can within limitations accountability is something that needs to be addressed and I know the mayor probably can see this from his office but was so proud of the repair.”

Tammy Craft:

“No reason they can’t go around and fill the big holes with rocks to soften the blow. They sure don’t want to pay to replace your rims.”

Josh Moccio:

“That huge waste of money is like putting a band aid on a bullet wound. Kinda like all development in this city.”

Ryan Ross:

“How about fix it the right way new roads. Are taxes are the 2nd highest in the nation.”

Andrea Hilliard:

“The only thing that stupid truck kills is your cars paint job!”

Ishmael Burch III:

“Boost your retro rockets when going to Walmart. If you’re turning down Delta Sonic car wash to get there…”








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