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Part 7: Branded Slaves and Master Raniere: But for Dr. Danielle Roberts, branding slave women might not be possible

By Frank Parlato

[This report has been developed from information provided from sources. For their protection, they are unnamed. It is up to the reader to judge whether the information presented is factual or not.]
Former TV actress Allison Mack recently founded a women’s group called DOS [Dominant Over Submissive] where women are branded with a cauterizing iron to form a scar spelling K-R-A-M — the initials of Keith Raniere and Miss Mack.

The mark is burned into the women’s skin similarly to how the hide of an animal is branded with a hot iron. The branding is performed without anesthesia by Dr. Danielle Roberts MD.

Since the human skin is more fragile than a bull’s rawhide, great care is taken by Dr. Roberts to ensure safety. As a licensed medical doctor, she knows how to prevent tools from cutting too deep, burning too hot, or burning too long.

Dr. Danielle Roberts MD supervises the branding.

The procedure takes about 20 minutes, as Dr. Roberts crafts the mark KR-AM – adroitly inflicting third degree burns – on the pubic region of the DOS member with her dull-red hot scalpel.

The smell of burning skin is noticeable throughout the procedure.

Initially, the white hot surface of the cauterizing pen causes pain to accelerate, similar to being accidentally burnt by an iron or a hot skillet. Because of the intense pain, four naked women are employed to hold the branded woman – who is also naked – in place.

The naked women are exposed to some health risks since, during branding, it is possible for diseases to be transmitted through the air, from the skin, when the skin is burning.

Because it is not uncommon for an infection to develop around a branded wound, Dr. Roberts has made herself available to consult with the women offering advice on how to reduce blistering.

The branding can feel and respond like a large scab with significant itching. Dr. Roberts advises women to keep their scars clean by using antibacterial solutions or soaps often.

DOS members are thankful for Dr. Robert’s aid. Branding is not nearly as popular as tattooing, and it is hard to find any doctor willing to brand humans since their medical license may be at risk in the event of a complaint or accident.

Dr. Roberts attendance makes the entire branding process possible and without her it might be impossible to offer the assurances necessary for the women, Miss Mack or Mr. Raniere to risk the dangerous and painful procedure.

Ultimately, branding is seen by Miss Mack as an act of submission by the woman being branded to her and Mr. Raniere.

While it is painful, Mr. Raniere teaches that the pain the women feel should be equated to love and understood as the kind that builds character and discipline in a woman.

Mr. Raniere teaches that love is pain.

“True love is physically painful,” Mr. Raniere teaches.

Dr. Roberts has written of Mr. Raniere’s teachings for women as “something profound… something bigger than yourself.”

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