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On Tuesday, Sept. 13, Niagara Falls Democrats will cast votes in their primary for the present mayor, Paul Dyster, or any of three other candidates -- John Accardo, Carnell Burch or Norton Douglas -- a referendum in effect on whether Democrats want incumbent Dyster or a fresh face to face the rising star of local Republicans, Johnny Destino, in the general election.

For the benefit of Democrats still uncertain of how to vote, let us review with bullet points some of Dyster's nearly four years of self-serving Niagara Falls. Perhaps none of the below-mentioned points is reason enough for Democrats to abandon an incumbent -- but in their entirety, an ugly picture of a man unfit to lead honest and good people emerges. If Niagara Falls is to rise again, self-serving selfish politicians like Dyster must be replaced.

Accardo, a local man with a local business, has a put-first-things-first attitude -- like streets and crime over Underground Railroad museums, train stations and drunken hoe-downs at the Hard Rock Cafe. Accardo promises to hire local people for top jobs and pay them reasonable salaries, instead of the $100,000-plus salaries Dyster pays his out-of-town nincompoop geniuses.

More than a dozen mailers (paid for by Buffalo campaign donors) attacking Accardo have arrived in the mailboxes of city voters. Dyster sent one that claims he's being targeted by wealthy anonymous people who want to remove him from office. Ironically, wealthy interests from Buffalo paid for that mailer.

Niagara Falls Reporter www.niagarafallsreporter.com Sept. 12, 2011