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Packed House Expected Saturday for SoleTurn at Sportsmen’s Tavern

By Tony Farina

The rock band SoleTurn is expecting a great house on Saturday night, March 23, for their concert at the legendary Sportsmen’s Club as they finalize their 30-song program of reimagined oldies and some new music to entertain their guests.

It promises to be a fun night for all and especially for the band members, Vik Bhargava, Zachary Michael, Rob Helms, and Patrick Mudd, who are very excited about the program which, as Vik emphasizes over and over, is about the song and how it makes you feel. And just listening to him makes you feel like you can’t wait to hear the songs they present.

Sneak peek at Saturday’s setlist

SoleTurn is not a new group but has been together and performing in the area for some time and has created a very special vibe that will soon be featured in their debut album The Soundtrack of Our Youth, a title that begs to be heard.

It is a group of men that put their heart and soul into their music and just talking to them triggers excitement because it is, as they say, about the song and the feelings it percolates in the mind of the listener. They want to connect with their listeners on all fronts and have created a mood that should have something for everyone at their concert and promises to be a super tease for their upcoming seven-track album that is expected to be released this summer.

So folks who visit the Sportsmen’s Club on Amherst St., in Buffalo, on Saturday night beginning at 8, should be rewarded with music that indeed percolates their minds and brings them back to days gone by and offers the sounds of today in SoleTurn’s special way.

I am looking forward to SoleTurn’s big show.



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