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Only in NT: Kudos and musing about NT

Kudos to Mayor Arthur Pappas and his wife Linda for continuing the Mayor’s Snowflake Ball begun by Mayor Robert Ortt and his wife Megan to assist nonprofit organizations in NT. This year’s selection to be the recipient of the proceeds, the Nor-Ton Red Jacket Club, is a hidden diamond in the forested area along the Erie Canal at 1601 Sweeney Street.

The Club has provided low-cost camping and outdoor recreational opportunities to Western New York area children and youth since it took over the former Girl Scout Camp in 1986. An all-volunteer organization with no paid staff, its members raise all the costs of equipping, maintaining, and operating their facilities. They serve more than 5,000 area children annually.

The Club leases 24.32 acres of land they have named Donald F. Miller Park at 1601 Sweeney Street from the New York State Canal Corporation.

Kudos to the Dom Polski leaders for working hard to keep it alive as a social club. Hopefully, they will return it to what it was created to be, a “Polish home,” keeping the Polish culture alive, rather than just an endless fundraising location.

Kudos to the Tonawanda Council on the Arts for hanging in there and fighting to keep the Carnegie Art Center alive. Sadly, its location in a City-owned building is a negative and endangers their ability to be totally faithful to what they were created to be. Hopefully, it won’t degenerate into just another event hall.

Kudos to the Niagara County Planning Commission for finding “plenty not to like” about a 102-unit apartment and townhouse project at 600 River Road. Who would want to live on top of an environmental sewer anyhow? We residents certainly aren’t willing to give away our view of the Niagara River and our personal enjoyment of the waterfront for the profits of a Clarence LLC formed in 2011. Why not convert the Colonel Payne School Building and the Lowry Middle School Building into apartments instead?

Musings: Why didn’t we ever read about the results of the January 28 “community outreach event” at the NT Library? Probably so any concerns presented by residents can be kept from other residents!

Why didn’t any “public official” representing NT at the County Legislature bother commenting to the League of Women Voters questions in 2015?

Uncle John’s Cabin was named in honor of John Kopczynski.


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