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Niagara SPCA Raising Funds for Surgery for Lucy the Shelter Dog

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Shelter hopes to rally the community to help sweet Lucy with them     


Lucy, a 3-year-old boxer/shepherd mix who lives at Niagara SPCA, is the most lovable dog you’ll ever meet and she needs the community’s help.

Lucy came to the SPCA with a chronic ear infection. It seems her ears had not been cleaned or cared for in a very long time, building an infection so bad that is no longer treatable because medicine can’t make its way to her ear canal anymore. She shakes and shakes her head in discomfort, trying to find some relief. It was determined that sadly because no one treated her ears before she was brought to the shelter that she will now need a total ear canal ablation, which means her ear canal will be entirely removed. The surgery will prevent any further infections, but will leave Lucy deaf. However, she will no longer be uncomfortable.

This surgery will have to be performed by a specialist outside of the SPCA. It is estimated that it will cost about $6,500. Lucy will have to have one ear done first and then wait until that ear heals to have her other ear done. We want to give Lucy the best life possible, so we are hoping with the community’s help, we can cover her surgery and then find her a forever home. 

“Lucy is an exceptionally sweet dog who we’ve all grown very fond of at the shelter,” said Executive Director Tim Brennan. “We will ensure that she has the best quality of life no matter the cost, but her unexpected surgery is at a much larger expense than most, so we wanted to share her story in the hopes we can rally the community to help sweet Lucy with us because the homeless and neglected animals of Niagara SPCA deserve the best.”  

You can donate to Lucy’s surgery on GoFundMe here: or Facebook.


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