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NACC Welcomes New Executive Director, Kevin Leary

The Niagara Arts and Cultural Center (NACC) has named a new Executive Director, Mr. Kevin Leary, who introduced himself to the community with the following message. The Reporter extends a warm welcome to the new Executive Director.

To the NACC Family:

I wanted to take a brief moment to introduce myself as the new Executive Director of the NACC. My professional career has seen me on stages across America, teaching in dance studios around WNY, working with graduate students at the University at Buffalo, and managing theatre for young audiences. But at my core, I’m just a dad raising two kids with my wife in Niagara County, trying my best to create a vibrant and stimulating environment for them every day. This pursuit brought me to the NACC.

The NACC promotes and presents arts experiences for residents and visitors to Niagara County. But for me, how we do that is paramount. I believe the NACC’s future embraces a spirit of creativity, welcoming, and belonging. We gather together in this arts incubator/playground to laugh, cry, live, love, and discover what we can be as individuals and a community. We can build a vibrant ecosystem of art, artists, and audience where all have a seat at the table.

Building this environment will take work and concentrated listening. I want nothing more than to hear from you. We already have programming in the building, but where do you want to see us go next? What do you want to see more of? What do you want to see less of? What is being done elsewhere that you wish was being done here? Let’s not lowball our expectations; we should aim high together. After all, this is our chance to shape the future.

To start organizing our thoughts around this important work, I ask you to consider filling out the short survey below. Share it with the friends you want to see here. Better yet, share it with everyone. This is just the first of many times I will be asking for your feedback. After all, to serve our community, the NACC must always be listening.

I look forward to meeting you all. I look forward to hearing about your ideas. My door, email, phone is always open… I look forward to the conversation.



Kevin Leary

716.282.7530 x 100

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