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Morinello Targets Stronger Legislation to Benefit Military Veterans

Assemblyman Angelo J. Morinello (R,C,I-Ref-Niagara Falls) stood during session to speak on a bill which would provide sick leave to state employees who have served our military in combat theater or combat zones. The legislation designates that these sick days are to be used specifically for any and all periods of absence during which an individual utilizes healthcare related services directly related to his or her military duties. This bill would go into effect beginning April 1, 2019 (A.08941), and represents a major step forward in ensuring New York’s veterans have the ability to seek the treatment they need upon the conclusion of their service. Last year, the Legislature passed a similar bill that would have allowed military personal to take eight days of sick leave each year. Morinello has consistently advocated for military veterans and believes the previous eight-day bill must be reintroduced.  
“As a Vietnam combat veteran, I fully supported efforts to grant veterans the eight days of sick leave voted on last year, and am deeply disappointed that the number of days of sick leave was reduced,” said Morinello. “Our brave military men and women risk everything to defend our freedom and they deserve as much time as needed to deal with medical trauma. It’s critical we refuse to water down last year’s bill and continue fighting for eight days of time off rather than five. These days are not vacation, but a way to ensure the health and safety of those who endured hardships while serving in combat zones.”
Assemblyman Morinello represents the 145th Assembly District, which consists of parts of Erie and Niagara countries. For more information, please visit his Official Website.
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