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What You Missed: North Tonawanda Waterfront Commission Meeting

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The North Tonawanda Waterfront Commission Met on Monday May 14th, 2018


By: Brandon McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

It is one of the most popular places to be during the summer. With outdoor activities and warmer temperatures coming Gratwick Park in North Tonawanda is a popular place to be but members of the Waterfront Commission say it is not living up to its full potential, in part because of the lack of permanent bathrooms at the park. “We feel that with a park that is that size, it needs bathroom that are a lot more functional, “said Don French, Commission Member.

The park does have portable bathrooms, but member say with the pavilion and the size of the area more needs to be done.

Some members say they too have experienced trying to enjoy the park but then when nature calls they had to make a trip home. “I remember being at one event and I had to go home just to use the bathroom, because I did not trust them, I can do that because I only live a few blocks away but when you have an all-day car show there or something you really do need bathrooms” said Jeff Licht, Commission Member.

The portable bathrooms do get cleaned but even so there is a lot of people who still do not like using them,

Members says there is Greenway Funds available and State Funds available for regular bathrooms, but they must go through Mike Zimmerman at Lumber City Development or the Mayor or the City Engineer.

The Waterfront Commission is just an advisory board and may bring the suggestions at the next council meeting.

The Commission meet on the 2nd Monday of every month.





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