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Memorial Day Parade of the Tonawandas

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

With one foot in front of the other local residents and elected officials marched across Tonawanda in the annual Memorial Day Parade. The parade started at Main Street and then proceeded throughout the town and ended at Tonawanda City Hall on Niagara Street.

It may have been a smaller parade than usual, but that certainly did not take away from what it meant to those in participating and in attendance.

“Memorial Day it honors the fallen soldiers, airmen and marines,” said Matt Kyler, Tonawanda resident. “It is so important to take time and remember them. I have 2 young sons and I want to make sure that they get educated on the sacrifices that others made.”

This year there was a band, a float, as well as a number of elected officials marching in the parade.

“The parade kind of turns the day into kind of a joyous time as well as a solemn time,” said Art Pappas, Mayor of North Tonawanda. “After the ceremonies people get together with family and friends and they enjoy it but the real meaning still comes out.”

For many residents coming to watch the parade has become an annual tradition.

“I love coming every year,” said Barb Olivieri, Tonawanda resident.” It is a very short parade but I have friends that march and I love coming out to watch them.”

For Olivieri, it’s a chance to see people she knows and remember those who paid the ultimate price; something she says the younger generation is not doing enough of.

“A lot of younger people do forget about Memorial Day and it is very sad,” said Olivieri. “The younger generation does not realize what people have done to fight for our freedoms.”

But with parades like this one they are hoping to keep those memories alive and honor soldiers who paid the ultimate price.


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